Turnbull unites with Henry Repeating Arms for Henry-Turnbull Rifle

The Henry-Turnbull Rifles on display. (Photo: Turnbull Restoration)

Turnbull Restoration, Henry Repeating Arms and Top Shot collaborate for a new, sleek looking lever-action rifle known as the Henry-Turnbull Rifle. The limited edition guns come chambered in the shooter’s choice of .30-30 Win, .41 Rem Mag., .44 Rem Mag, .45-70 Govt., .45 Colt, .327 Fed and .257 Mag.

The Henry-Turnbull Rifle features a case-hardened receiver. (Photo: Turnbull Restoration)

The rifles feature a bone charcoal case hardened steel receiver paired with Henry Repeating Arms’ Henry lever action, a 20-inch round barrel, and walnut stock with checkered grip.

“We’re proud and excited to collaborate with Henry Repeating Arms, one of the most revered names in American firearms manufacturing,” Turnbull Restoration said in a news release. “Together we’ve created a special series of popular Henry large-bore rifles, which are finished with Turnbull Restoration’s bone charcoal color case hardening.”

The Henry-Turnbull rifles will retail for $1,495.

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