Geco releases new Red Zone, Action Extreme ammo lines



The new ammunition series introduces personal defense ammo options for gun owners. (Photo: Geco Ammunition)

Geco brings new personal defense ammunition to handgun shooters, adding the Red Zone and Action Extreme series to its lineup.

Red Zone kicks off the ammo supply with a 9mm design. Boasting an aggressive performance, according to Geco, the Red Zone ammo offers low of over penetration. Penetration measures around 12 to 13-inches with a velocity range of 1,000 to 1,150 feet-per-second. Created to work best with short-barreled 9mm pistols, Red Zone is best suited for concealed carry pistols and home defense setups.

Following Red Zone, Action Extreme looks to bring controlled expansion and stopping power to pistol caliber carbines, full-size and sub-compact pistols. The Action Extreme ammunition comes loaded for 9mm. Geco says both the Red Zone and Action Extreme ammunition offers shooters “modern defensive” rounds with improved performance.

“Each of these new lines embody the required features and standards of modern defensive ammunition, including excellent deformation with deep penetration and high residual mass,” Geco said in a news release. “By meeting these demands, Geco has ensured that Red Zone and Action Extreme can be trusted and relied upon for personal defense.”

Red Zone retails for $14.55 while Action Extreme is priced at $19.74.

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