Gun yoga can make you a better shooter, the world a better place (VIDEO)

In the fast-paced world of machine guns, the one who does yoga is an outlier. “I’m pretty passionate about guns and yoga,” said Sean Callahan, a contestant in last year’s Michigan Subgun Shoot. “Two things that I think could potentially save your life in a sense.”

I found Callahan and his girlfriend, Johannah Zabal, who both live just outside of Washington, DC, warming up with 20 minutes of yoga and breathing exercises before their match. “Competition is stressful and (yoga) is going to help you to stay calm and in the moment, and so you can be your best self or compete at your best,” Callahan said.

Besides relaxing your body, Zabal explained the breathing control techniques transfer over into shooting. “Both exercises involve sort of opening up your chest and opening up and expanding your ribcage, getting your lungs to fill as much as possible,”she said. “Because a lot of times we tend to shallow breath, we tend to keep our chests very closed, and when we open up we can be more inspired.”

“I wish more of my yoga friends shotguns and I wish more of my gun friends did yoga,” Callahan said. “I think the world would be a better place if those two things were true.”

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