Mantis upgrades dry fire training with new X3 device


The MantisX, pictured above, will soon see an addition by way of the X3 device. (Photo: Mantis Tech)

Mantis Tech bolsters its training products, announcing the new X3 precision sensing device for dry fire training. The X3 features a compact design that attaches to the rail of a firearm. Once mounted, it tracks and analyzes the shooter’s movements.

This data uploads to the MantisX app via Bluetooth, providing shooters with shooting-related data directly on their smartphone or tablet. Data includes evaluation of shooting performance, identification of improvement areas and progress tracking over time.


The X3 tracks data and ports it over to smart devices. (Photo: Mantis Tech)

The X3’s design pars down the size, adopting a slimmer profile than the original MantisX. The device also sports a quick disconnect, a new feature, that allows the device to work with varying holsters.

“The X3 is a complete, ground-up redesign of the original MantisX, including all hardware and software. This is the culmination of 3 years of R&D, and we’re excited to launch it to the world,” Engineering Manager Chase Roberts said in a news release.

No word yet on pricing or availability. For reference, the original MantisX retails for $149.

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