Fix It Sticks unveils new tool kits, The Works and The Duo

Fix It Sticks

The Works offers tools for pistol and rifle shooters. (Photo: Fix It Sticks)

Fix It Sticks announced the addition of two new kits designed to bring gun owners an array of maintenance tools. The new kits — The Works and The Duo — feature tools, accessory bits and torque limiters granting gun owners the ability to clean and maintain guns on the go.

The Works kicks off the series blending the Fix It Sticks Torque Limiter Kit and AR15 Field Maintenance Kit with pistol accessory bits. The Works uses tools commonly needed for AR-15 and pistol projects such as a T-Handle Wrench, Glock front sight bit, bolt carrier group scraper, metal pin punch and universal choke tube wrench among others.

Fix It Sticks

The Duo focuses on tools for rifle shooters. (Photo: Fix It Sticks)

The Duo follows The Works, blending the Torque Limiter Kit with the AR15 Field Maintenance Kits. The result? A comprehensive tool kit that works alongside AR-15 and other rifles, according to the company. Tools include scrapers, pin punches, an A2 front sight adjustment bit and cleaning rods. Both kits offer a soft carrying case keeping all tools and bits together.

“These new kits have an extensive array of the most useful and critical tools, accessory bits and torque limiters used by expert and professional shooters,” Fix It Sticks said in a news release.

The Works retails for $280 while the Duo slips in at $240.

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