Revision Outdoor brings style, safety to outdoor adventures


Revision, caller,seeker, pursuer

Revision Outdoors brings new sunglasses to outdoor enthusiasts. From top to bottom: Revision Caller, Seeker and Pursuer.(Photo: Jacki Billings/

Kicking off its new consumer driven lineup, Revision Outdoor brings three sunglasses to civilians wanting a cooler vibe in the wild. Each pair of glasses feature their own unique name and style, aiming to offer a few options to discerning customers.

While the eyewear boasts a few options in terms of frame colors and lenses, Revision Outdoor shipped the Pursuer in Wooden Bluff with Slate lenses, the Caller in Mountain Shadow with Indigo lenses and the Seeker in Golden with Crimson lenses to’s doors.

The Pursuer

The Pursuer kicks off the series with a thinner style. Created for high elevation hunts, the Pursuer blends lightweight frames with a durable design that withstands backcountry adventures. Weighing a mere 1.07-ounces, the Pursuer aims to give wearers the flexibility to wear the glasses all day.

The highlight of the Pursuer comes down to its comfortability. Sporting the glasses for long periods of time, the Pursuer never felt cumbersome or heavy. There was also no need for adjustments, as the eyewear rested exactly where I placed it every time thanks to rubber grip details on the frame.

Revision Pursuer

The Pursuer brings a tortoise frame with thin temples. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Revision Pursuer

The Pursuer’s lenses covered a large portion of the face, protecting against stray casings on the range. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Polarized lenses elevate the design further, reducing the amount of ambient light on eyes. Revision says this helps with eye strain and while I’m not sure there’s a good means to test that, I didn’t find myself squinting while wearing the Pursuer. The lens construction and supporting frame cover quite a bit of space on my face. Credit that to its overall design or my micro face, either way the Pursuer accomplished the task of protecting my eyes from stray brass on the range.

Outfitted in the Wooden Bluff scheme – a matte tortoise frame – the Pursuer, paired with Slate lenses, gives off a classy and sleek look that hits all the marks of shooting sunglasses without overtly screaming “tactical.” The Pursuer easily slips from the woods into urban environments.

The Caller

The Caller, by my account, occupies the space driven by consumers who prefer a classic approach to shooting glasses. Created to appeal to fisherman and hunters, the Caller sunglasses bring a true wrap-around construction to outdoor enthusiasts. The extra-wide temples cover more area around the side of the face, blocking ambient light at the brow.

Revision, Caller

The Caller features a matte black look with indigo lenses. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

The extra coverage does come with the trade-off of a little more heft but not by much. In this case, the Caller weighs in at 1.23-ounces. My pair came equipped with the Mountain Shadow frame color and Indigo lenses. The Mountain Shadow delivers a classic matte black style while the blue/violet polarized Indigo lens sharpens images on the water. For those regularly patrolling nearby lakes for fish, these glasses prove useful.

Revision Caller

The Caller delivers wider temples for a true wrap around style. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

While the Caller definitely pulls its weight when it comes to protection and function, for me, the pair felt a bit more cumbersome than the Pursuer or the Seeker. Blame it on the slim size of my face, but the wider temples and large lenses gave me a bug-like appearance. While looks aren’t everything, for me, they matter enough to choose another pair in the series.

The Seeker

The minute I opened the Seeker’s cardboard box and pulled the ash gray glasses from their protective sleeve, I knew I found a winner. The Seeker’s sleek look goes against the usual tactical glasses that litter nearly every range. Designed to move anywhere –from the outdoor range to an outdoor concert – the Seeker brings a trendy, hip style to wearers.

The glasses stay put on the face, thanks to a lightweight profile and rubber grips. During shooting, running and every other activity I tossed its way, the Seekers held their place. The Seeker also features the same thin temples found on the Pursuer. This attribute becomes a must for those of us with tinier profiles.

Revision, Seeker

The Seeker provides a funkier aesthetic, with an ash gray and crimson vibe. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Revision Seeker

The Seeker’s thin templed construction made for a perfect fit on the author’s slimmer face. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

The Seeker, in Golden, utilizes a matte ash gray look with Crimson polarized lenses. The pink tint brings some nice contrast while also continuing to elevate the overall look of the eyewear. The lenses occupy enough space on the face to protect eyes and the surrounding areas from stray casings or other debris in the field; but forgo the bug-like look.

The Seeker, like its sibling the Pursuer, tips scales at just 1.07-ounces. All in all, side-by-side, the Seeker won the contest for me, earning a permanent space in my range bag.

Final thoughts

Revision Outdoor achieved its goal of supplying consumers with the same performance driven eyewear as its military collection. Bringing style, sophistication and some pizazz to outdoor adventures, the Pursuer, Caller and Seeker seamlessly blend fashion with function.

While the eyewear is enough to earn a Vogue nod of approval, its price tag may have some gun owners gasping for breath. All three entries into Revision Outdoor’s eyewear series come priced at $279 – a hefty tag for a pair of shooting, hunting or fishing sunglasses. For those committed to style wherever they go, the price is worth the look; however, for consumers who just want to block ambient light, the Pursuer, Caller and Seeker’s price tag is a bit out of reach.

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