Shooting the enigmatic AKMSU while suppressed is a joy to behold (VIDEOS)

The long-debated AKMSU carbine, no matter its origin, is a sweet little gun — especially when set to quiet mode and on full-auto. Machine Gun Mike has a beautiful example of the gun, complete with a 40-round bakelite mag and a Dead Air Wolverine suppressor in the above video.

The 7.62x39mm AK (Avtomat Kalashnikova= Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle) M (modernizírovanny= modernized) S (Skladivaushiisya= folding stock) U (Ukorochenniy= shortened), according to Russian firearms historian Maxim Popenker, was never made in that country. His best answer is that the curious gun is a “Khyber Pass” model that originated with the cottage industry gunsmiths of Afghanistan or Pakistan such as in the notorious Darra Adam Khel area. Others tend to agree.

Regardless of the background, Mike’s homage to the concept, built by Ted Marshall from a Chinese spiker underfolder, is a thing of beauty in motion.

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