Mossy Oak named official camouflage of NRA (VIDEO)

Mossy Oak announced at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas last month that their new “Overwatch” pattern has become the official camouflage for the National Rifle Association.

“What that means is all those members and supporters of the NRA now have a pattern that they can affiliate themselves with” in 2019 and moving full steam ahead in 2020, said Mossy Oak representative Jake Meyer.

Meyer said Mossy Oak wants hunters and shooters to “represent yourself and your passion, for not only support of the second amendment, but also the hunting heritage and the overall right to pursue this lifestyle that we all love and endear so much.”

The two groups made the announcement with great fanfare. Presenters included Mossy’s founder Toxey Haas, NRA magazine publisher Doug Hamlin, and current NRA president retired Lt. Col. Oliver North.

“We’re doing everything we can to advance the shooting sports,” North said during a speech that put guns, family, and faith front and center as he pitched the brand.

“Every one of my 17 grandkids is someday going to have Mossy Oak, and they’ll wear it proudly, not just because grandad is out there wearing it himself, but because they’re our partners in this endeavor,” North said.

North explained that he gives each grandchild a box with four items: a bible, compass, an NRA life membership, and a 20-gauge shotgun. “If you learn to use everything in this box, you’ll never go hungry, you’ll never be lost, and you need fear nothing,” he said.

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