Tips to better shoot on the move with Jade Struck of Taran Tactical (VIDEO)

Jade Struck, professional shooter with Taran Tactical Innovations, recently shared with a few tips on how to better shoot and move.

As with all drills utilizing a firearm, it’s important to double check that all firearms are unloaded and clear and ammo is as far away as possible.

According to Struck, there are three main forms of movement when it comes to shooting in competitions.

The first is explosive movement. This involves the shooter moving from point A to point B as quickly and effectively as possible. “You’re going to run, set up and shoot.” said Struck.

The second type of movement is shooting on the move. The first thing you want to do according to Struck is determine the line you’re going to travel and then drop your center of gravity as you move. “I’m going to shoot faster than I am moving.” said Struck.

The third kind of movement is shooting on the move while working in the explosive movement. This involves shooting a few shots while moving with a low center of gravity, and then switching into high gear and using explosive movement to get to your pre-determined mark, and then continue shooting from there.

Struck stresses the importance of using reference points as you travel. In competition, competitors are usually allowed to walk the course of fire. During this time, they determine their path and make reference points. Struck calls these natural marks. Using these, the shooter utilizes the three different types of movement to navigate the course.

Although self defense shooting is much different than competition shooting, the skills and techniques from both blend. For example, for home defense, one could map out their home and make reference points. Movement between these points can fall into Struck’s three categories.

What do you think about Struck’s tips? Do you use reference points when shooting? Tell us what you think in the comments section below

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