Gabby Franco Shows Off Favorites at SHOT 2019 (VIDEO)

Competition shooter and all around gun girl, Gabby Franco, took through some of her favorite products at SHOT Show held in Las Vegas in January.

Franco’s tour of products began at Walther Arms where Franco shows off the steel frame Q5 Match SF Pistol. The 9mm pistol ditches the polymer frame in favor of a steel design that adds an extra pound to the gun. This weight change, according to Walther, produces smoother, faster follow-up shots. The trigger displays a flashy blue style with a 5.6-pound pull.

“This is the one that everyone has been talking about, “ Franco said showing off the Q5 Match pistol. “Dedicated for competition shooting, but don’t worry it’s also for any enthusiast shooter who wants to get a good, quality gun that can shoot good and also that looks good.”

Continuing through the Walther Arms booth, Franco also showcased the company’s air rifles for Olympic style shooting. Focusing on precision, the air rifles deliver upgraded features designed specifically for competition shooters. Notably, the models boast a multi-directional trigger and fully adjustable stock to allow shooters to fine tune the setup to their specific needs.

Taking the product tour on the road, Franco brought the crew to the Liberty Safe booth to preview the new Vault Door. The Vault Door sets itself apart from previous designs in that it opens inward. Fixed to the inside of the door is a release handle and switch which allows owners to pull open the door from the inside of the safe.

“In the event you have like an earthquake and something falls in front of the door and you’re inside, you can pull the door open and dig your way out,” Jamey Skousen of Liberty Safe explained.

Additionally, the Vault Door features military-style locking bars. The bars extend further and prevent crowbars or other tools from prying the door loose.

Finishing up her favorite products, Franco landed at the booth of Red Hill Tactical — a holster maker with the very first Q5 holster. The holster, with a carbon fiber look, was created for Franco’s Q5 competition gun. The holster comes with a unique profile designed around USPSA shooting, which allows competitors to scoop draw while indexing their middle finger correctly. Additionally, the holster uses a unique Kydex construction to help competitors on the draw.

“All of our holsters are shipping with two layers of .08 Kydex so instead of having the flex, when you grab ours there’s almost no flex. So even with the 43-ounce weight, when you put it in there you’re not going to get any of the flex or bounce when you go to draw the gun. You’re going to get a more efficient draw.” Robert King of Red Hill Tactical said.

Check out the full video above to hear even more deets on Franco’s favorite items.

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