Keystone Arms Promises Youth-sized Mini Mosin .22 Rifle

04/15/19 9:30 AM | by

Keystone Arms Mini Mosin

KSA keystone 91 30 22lr mosin rifle snow

The KSA 91/30 Mini Mosin is a youth-sized version of the classic Russki infantry arm but in a single-shot .22LR format (Photos: KSA)

Pennsylvania-based Keystone Arms is headed to market with the first in a line of downsized classics with their Mini Mosin .22 rifle.

The KSA 91/30 looks like a venerable Soviet Mosin-Nagant Model 91/30, the staple of the Red Army throughout World War II. However, instead of the shoulder-bruising 7.62x54R chambering and 29-inch barrel, Keystone’s Mini will be a single-shot .22LR rimfire with a more youth-accommodating 20-inch barrel. Similarly, instead of arctic birch, the U.S-made gun will feature a walnut stock.

“This ‘Mini-Mosin’ is the perfect size for your little ‘Comrade,'” said Keystone on social media last Friday. The company, best-known for their Crickett and Chipmunk series of single-shot rifles and pistols, went on to explain even smaller Mosins — such as the M38 — are still “a full-size rifle in a large caliber that a youth will have an unpleasant experience with.”

No word on MSRP yet but you can expect the company to have the prototype guns on display at the NRA’s Annual Meetings in Indianapolis later this month. If so, will be on hand to sniff out more information, so stay tuned.

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