Giveaways: Gun and Adventure Packages! is giving away not just a new gun but an adventure. Partnering with Remington Arms and Walther Arms, the prize packages include guns, hunting, and training with a world champion shooter.

“These giveaways are huge! They’re not the same old gun giveaway that everyone else does,” said Will Altherr, digital marketing manager. “These giveaways are actual gun trips to cool destinations that include guns and gun experiences! Gun owners are gonna love this!”

On top if these fantastic giveaways, will donate a dollar to the Special Operations Wounded Warrior program for every entry. The monies will help SOWW provide outdoor experiences and targeted therapeutic treatments for wounded Special Ops veterans.

Giveaway: Remington Hunting Package

For the hunters out there, teamed with Remington to giveaway a new Remington Model Seven HS Precision rifle along with HTP Copper ammunition, and a semi-guided trophy hunting trip. Covered expenses include travel, lodging, licensing and fees, and skinning and quartering of the harvest for the winner and guest.

“With more than 5,500 acres, spanning four counties in Georgia, the destination we selected offers some of the best hunting and fishing in the state,” Altherr said. “Plus, the Model Seven SS HS Precision should be on everyone’s wish list. It’s a sleek design and quality work. What else can you ask for?”

Remington built the Model Seven for fast-handling and dropping game out in the field. The bolt-action hunting rifle comes equipped with a 20-inch light contour barrel, HS Precision stock with aluminum bedding block, and an adjustable X-Mark Pro Trigger. It’s available chambered in .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Rem., and .243 Win.

“Remington is excited to partner with on this giveaway to help support the Special Operations Wounded Warriors! We’re looking forward to helping a couple lucky hunters score a big buck this fall with our new Model Seven HS Precision Rifle and HTP Copper!” said Katie Hale, Remington digital marketing manager.

Giveaway: Walther Training Package

For the shooters out there, teamed with Walther to giveaway a new Walther Q5 Match pistol and training sessions with Olympian, competitive shooter and Top Shot contender Gabby Franco in Dallas, Texas. Covered expenses include travel, lodging, and course fees.

“To have the chance to shoot with Gabby Franco is the chance of a lifetime! If you’re looking to enhance your competitive shooting skills, this is the way to do it!” said Altherr.

With nearly 25 years in the shooting sports and numerous awards under her belt, Franco is one of the biggest names in competitive shooting. Since her career started in the mid-1990s, she has gone on to medal in international competitions and become the first woman to represent her home country of Venezuela in the Olympics.

During Franco’s Intro to Competitive Shooting course, the contest winner and a guest will train with a new Walther Q5 Match, the gun maker’s production class competition grade handgun. The new Q5 Match was built around the award winning Walther PPQ platform. The Q5 Match features a ported slide, Carl Walther signature ergonomics, and a blue quick defense trigger. It also comes with an optics ready slide in addition to the competition iron sights.

Enter to Win

Sign up to win all this week for a chance to win the Remington Hunting Package, the Walther Training Package, or both at For more details and a chance to win, follow the links Remington Giveaway and Walther Giveaway. The contests begin April 22 and close April 28 at 11:59 pm EST.

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