Crush: CZ Shows Off New Shadow 2 Orange Competition Pistol (PHOTOS)

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Crush: CZ Shows Off New Shadow 2 Orange Competition Pistol (PHOTOS)

Shadow 2 Orange CZ

In addition to a bushel of competition features, the Shadow 2 Orange has aluminum grips are aggressively checked. Or is it Czeched? (Photos: Chris Eger/

CZ-USA brought the newest Shadow 2 installment to the NRA Annual Meetings in Indy last week, the competition-ready Orange.

Besides the eye-catching orange aluminum grips which lend the pistol its name, the upgraded 9mm Shadow 2 includes a cart of semi-custom features as standard factory items. For example, the 4.89-inch barrel is polished for improved accuracy and given a bushing for stability. Next, the trigger has been tuned for a smooth release and “very quick” reset.

Shadow 2 Orange CZ

Moreover, the CZ Shadow 2 Orange has a competition hammer and an adjustable aluminum magazine release catch. The 17+1 magazine has an aluminum base rather than polymer. Weight on the all-steel pistol is 46.5-ounces, unloaded.

Shadow 2 Orange CZ front sight

The pistol has a fiber optic front sight

Shadow 2 Orange CZ rear sight

…paired with a serrated, black HAJO rear that is click-adjustable for elevation and drift-adjustable for windage.

MSRP on the Shadow 2 Orange is $1,999. It is the latest chapter in big name firearm makers cranking out competition-ready steel-framed 9mm handguns such as Walther’s Q5 Match SF and Beretta‘s new 92X Performance. Notably, all three have a retail price north of $1,300.

For fans of Czech platforms with orange aluminum grips, the company also makes a CZ 75 TS with the same feature in both 9mm and .40 S&W.

CZ's Orange lineup now includes the 75 TS, left, and Shadow 2, right.

CZ’s Orange lineup now includes the 75 TS, left, and Shadow 2, right.

CZ also had a number of their souped-up Custom Shop models on display in Indy last week:

CZ75 TS Czechmate

To include the CZ75 TS Czechmate, which can be made to run in IPSC Open or Limited divisions


And the very sweet PRO-TEK I, perhaps the best production CZ compact carry gun available.

Despite the Kansas City rollmarks, the CZ Custom Shop is actually in Mesa, Arizona and shop reps told they believe they will remain in the Sonoran Desert despite the company’s construction of a large new facility in Arkansas.

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