More on the New Ruger Security 9 Compact (VIDEOS)

Ruger Security 9 Compact (1)

Ruger’s new compact variant of their Security 9 series is geared to the concealed carry market (Photos: Chris Eger/

Released just a few weeks ago, the new Ruger Security 9 Compact was available at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis and drew a crowd of the curious.

A smaller installment of the company’s Security 9 polymer-framed semi-auto, the Compact version features a 3.42-inch barrel rather than the standard pistol’s 4-inch model. As the new pistol is shorter, it has a 10-round magazine capacity, down from 15 in the full-sized model. Weight is 21.9-ounces.

Ruger Security 9 Compact (3)

The polymer frame has a hard-coat anodized aluminum chassis with full-length guide rails

The Compact’s caliber, weight and magazine capacity put it on par with the Glock 26 while coming off slightly slimmer. Also, unlike the striker-fired Austrian gun, the American-made Ruger is hammer-fired and has an accessory rail.

Ruger Security 9 and Security 9 Compact compared

Note the difference in size between the standard Security 9 and the Security 9 Compact, bottom.

The pint-sized Ruger ships with two alloy steel magazines and one finger grip extension floorplate with an MSRP of $379 — although we currently list it under $299 on the site.

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