EDC: GunBlast's Jeff Quinn and His Smith & Wesson 1911 (VIDEO)

Jeff Quinn, who has reviewed thousands of guns with GunBlast since 2000, said he carries a Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 from the Performance Center every single day. Chambered in .45 AUTO, Quinn said he likes the power of the round. “It’s like carrying a fistful of 9mm,” he said, adding that he’s comfortable with the 8+1 capacity, so he doesn’t carry an extra magazine.

Quinn explained the E-Series 1911 features a rounded butt, which makes it comfortable in the hand and also reduces printing under clothing. However, he admits a 1911 does make a pretty big lump under his shirt. “But as old as I am, people just think it’s a colostomy bag, and let me go on,” he said.

For personalization, Quinn added to the gun Crimson Trace laser grips, Trijicon night sights, and an ambidextrous safety, which helps him as he’s a lefty. Otherwise, “all the controls are right where God, and John Browning, intended them to be,” Quinn said.

He carries the 1911 in a Galco Avenger belt holster. He likes the fact that it goes all the way to the muzzle because he’s had problems with other holsters that sometimes exposes the gun’s barrel.

A close-up of Jeff Quinn’s every day carry Smith & Wesson E-Series 1911 in .45 AUTO. (Photo: Ben Philippi / Guns.com)

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