New Sig Sauer P365 XL Now Shipping to Dealers (VIDEO)

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New Sig Sauer P365 XL Now Shipping to Dealers (VIDEO)

Making official their long-promised stretched version of the standard P365, Sig Sauer’s new P365 XL is not only bigger but is optics-ready right out of the box.


The New Hampshire-based company confirmed persistent rumors about the new pistol in June when they released an extended 15-round magazine. The device is backward compatible across the legacy P365 line, which has 10-round flush fit and 12-round extended mag choices.

Sig Sauer P365XL w ammo

The new Sig Sauer P365XL uses 12-round flush-fit mags with optional extended 15s, while the smaller P365 uses 10-rounders. (Photos: Sig)

Besides the option for 15-round mags, the updated P365 XL runs a longer 3.7-inch barrel (up from 3.1 in the P365) and corresponding optic-ready slide. Further, the new gun has Sig’s XSERIES features to include an improved grip module with extended beavertail and a flat trigger with a 90-degree break.

“When the P365 was introduced it hit the market by storm, and was a game-changer when it comes to Everyday Carry, by delivering unprecedented capacity in a micro-compact size,” said Tom Taylor, chief marketing officer for Sig. “With the P365 XL, we have once again redefined Everyday Carry by delivering 12+1 capacity, or 15+1 capacity, in a highly concealable, compact profile while bringing many of the XSERIES features to the P365 that are extremely popular and sought after by consumers.”

Sig Sauer P365XL on range

The P365 XL features an optics-ready slide, compatible with the Sig’s own Romeo Zero series optics as well as RMSc optics and comes equipped with X-RAY3 day/night sights. (Photos: Sig)

Total length is 6.6-inches (compared to the base P365’s 5.8-inches) while weight, with an empty 12-round mag, is 20.7-ounces. By comparison, Glock’s vaunted G19, with its 15-round magazine capacity, tips the scales at 23.63-ounces with an empty mag while taping out at 7.36-inches in overall length.

The P365 XL ships with two 12-round magazines with 15-rounders sold separately. MSRP is in the $599 range and the gun started shipping this month to dealers.


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