Springfield Armory brings M-LOK to SAINT Rifles

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Springfield Armory's brings M-LOK to SAINT Rifles

Springfield Armory's New M-Lok SAINT Rifles

If you were holding back on ordering a Springfield Armory SAINT because it lacked M-LOK compatibility, that excuse just evaporated. (Photos: SA)

Illinois-based Springfield Armory this month announced Magpul M-LOK handguards as an option on new models of their SAINT series rifles.

Using Bravo Company PKMR slim profile handguards with an internal aluminum heat shield, Springfield’s four new SAINT options will add to their existing models which feature Key Mod. The new M-LOK compatible rifles are made in two principal variants — the first with a pinned Picatinny railed gas block shipped with a low-profile flip-up front sight and the second with an A2-style front sight/block. Each has a rear dual aperture flip-up sight.

Both of the 5.56mm rifles feature the same BCM Gunfighter Mod 0 adjustable butt stock which allows the overall length to vary between 32.25- and 35.5-inches. Receivers are forged 7075 T6 aluminum with a 16-inch CMV barrel which gives the rifle a 6.75-pound overall weight. The gun features a GI-style charging handle and mil-spec receiver extension along with an HPT/MPI Carpenter 158 steel bolt.

The rifles ship with a 30-round Magpul PMAG Gen M3 magazine and a soft case.

For those behind the lines so to speak, Springer also has California-compliant models with a Black Strike Industries featureless grip on a fixed Magpul MOE stock. These ship with a 10-round capacity and sport a muzzle brake.

Both the PIc gas block and A2 gas block models of the Springfield Armory SAINT also come in CA-compliant models (Photos: Springfield Armory)

Both the Pic gas block and A2 gas block models of the Springfield Armory SAINT also come in CA-compliant models (Photos: Springfield Armory)

MSRP is between $942 and $972 depending on the model, but you can expect that to be lower in the Guns.com Vault.

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