Editor and Instructor Beth Alcazar Shows Off Her EDC

09/6/19 5:00 AM | by

Springfield XD-S

Beth Alcazar carries her Springfield XD-S everywhere she legally can (Photo: Scott Gara/Guns.com)

An instructor and Senior Editor for the United States Concealed Carry Association, Beth Alcazar has tested a variety of guns and holsters. This evolving circulation of guns and gear eventually led her to her every day carry – one which she is confident in.

Guns.com asked Alcazar to walk us through the top items in her EDC and share why they make her list of faves.

Springfield Armory XD-S and CrossBreed Holsters

Alcazar settled on the Springfield XD-S for her weapon of choice as the 9mm striker-fired handgun gives her plenty of firepower while also concealing. She pairs it with her Crossbreed Hybrid holster, a Kydex option with good retention and comfortability thanks to a leather backing. Don’t worry that the 8+1 capacity isn’t enough firepower for Alcazar, she always packs a backup magazine.


5.11 Tactical Lucy Tote

Alcazar is a busy mom of three and that means plenty of stuff to tote around. That’s why she prefers the Lucy Tote from 5.11 Tactical. Big and versatile, the Lucy Tote features specific concealed carry pocket for backup guns and gear. 5.11 Tactical is known for making quality concealed carry and tactical apparel and this tote is no exception.

SWAT-T Tourniquet

A tourniquet is an essential part of Alcazar’s everyday carry as it allows her to administer first aid to someone suffering from a life-threatening loss of blood. Helping others is important to her and is the reason she brings a SWAT-T tourniquet with her everywhere she goes.

Streamlight flashlight

One of the most used pieces of carry equipment, a flashlight is yet another essential everyday carry item for Alcazar. The Streamlight provides a compact build with high lumen output all the while attaching to a lanyard for easy access.

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