Federal Offers Syntech PCC to Competitive Shooters


Syntech PCC is designed for pistol caliber carbines. (Photo: Federal)

Federal brings its Syntech line to pistol carbine competitors, launching the new Syntech PCC in 9mm Luger.

The Syntech PCC load is created specifically for carbines with bullet profiles offering better accuracy and more reliable feeding, according to Federal. The load offers Federal’s TSJ projectile, opting for a polymer jacket to reduce metal fouling, friction and heat in the barrel. Additionally, the Syntech bullet design offers less splash-back on steel targets.

Federal says the new Syntech PCC follows the Syntech Action Pistol load as official ammo of the United States Practical Shooting Association, or USPSA, brining “flawless function” to carbine shooters.

“Syntech PCC is offered in 9mm Luger 130-grain is all about having a better shooting experience when shooting a pistol cartridge, historically speaking, through a rifle platform,” Federal Centerfire Product Director Mike Holm said in a news release. “With Syntech, you naturally have it—more features of what all shooters want, and less of what you don’t.”

Syntech PCC is available now in 50-round boxes with an MSRP of $19.95.


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