The Best Shotguns for Bird Hunting

Different types of hunting call for varying styles of shotguns. Whether hunters chase geese, ducks, upland birds, or even turkeys, there are plenty of scatterguns on the market both new and used.

These favorites are guaranteed to make your next bird hunt a success.

Mossberg 500 Pump Actions

mossberg 500

Take home a nice Mossberg 500 today

Few firearms are as reliable as the old pump-action and fewer still define that action as well as the venerable Mossberg Model 500. While the Remington 870 could be interchanged with the Model 500 here, we like what Mossberg is doing with quality and options in the newer models.

Whether shopping new or used, and anything from 12-gauge on down to the baby .410 bore, there is a shotgun for any type of hunting at bargain prices. Most of the newer models make use of interchangeable chokes, meaning the scatterguns will work well for a variety of different game at varying ranges.


Winchester SX3 and SX4 Semi-Autos

winchester shotguns

This SX4 is sure to stay hidden in the field

There are many quality semi-autos on the market for hardcore waterfowlers, but few have proven as durable and user-friendly as Winchester’s SX3 and SX4 shotguns.

These do-all scatterguns accept all sizes of shells without adjustment. For instance, the 12-gauge shoots lighter 2-3/4-inch shells, 3-inch, and even the heaviest 3.5-inch hunting loads with no adjustment to the gas system.

While we prefer the earlier SX3 made in Belgium, the newer SX4’s wear some very hunter-friendly control upgrades. With models available in compact size for smaller-frame shooters, finishes in all sorts of camouflage or wood, and many other options, the Winchester SX is a hunter’s shotgun.


Browning Auto 5 Semi-Auto

browning auto 5

The A5 makes a classic and classy statement in the field

For over a hundred years, John Browning’s Auto-5 semi-automatic platform of shotguns has taken down every kind of game and bird imaginable. The trademarked humpback design is immediately recognizable while the recoil driven action sees both the barrel and bolt recoil together.

While older round-knob Belgian versions of the Auto-5 are most collectible, Browning still produces the gun to this day. Newer models include many modern finishes and iterations to bring the gun into the modern era of bird hunting. Plus, the 100,000-round guarantee on a new gun is hard to beat in the industry. Look for the Auto-5 in 12, 16, and 20-gauges.


Ruger Red Label


ruger red label shotgun

The Red Label could just as easily hang in an art gallery as it could be in the field

There are so many worthy over/under shotguns that could hold this space. For instance, the older Browning Superposed or more modern Browning Citori are difficult to best in any era.

Those who ever shot the Ruger Red Label O/U’s, however, will quickly recognize the guns capability in the field. Available at one time in 12, 20, and 28-gauge, Red Labels came in both blued or stainless variants. They also feature several barrel lengths and both pistol grip or straight English-style stocks.

Though now out of production, many used models still hit the market today.



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