Barnaul Releases “Grooved” .30-06 Splfd Cartridge

11/7/19 5:45 AM | by


(Photo: Barnual)


Barnual comes at the .30-06 Springfield game with a new grooved design. (Photo: Barnual)


Russian-based ammo maker Barnaul launched a new .30-06 Springfield hunting round, complete with a grooved steel-cased design.

The .30-06 features a polycoated steel case with a rounded groove near the base of the cartridge which Barnual says acts as a relief ring for the load. The company explains that the groove allows additional pressure generated by firing to be absorbed and reduced. In short, it mimics the expansion of brass casings in order to provide a “smart, simple, safe and well-engineered” steel case cartridge.

“The pressure generated by the .30-06 round is higher than other steel-cased rounds the company makes. Since steel is much harder and less malleable than brass the overall steel case expands slower in the microsecond of gas expansion in the firearm’s chamber than brass cases,” Barnual explained in a press release. “To accommodate the higher pressure curve of the .30-06 round for that millisecond the engineers at Barnaul ‘simply’ designed a slight round groove called a relief ring into the cartridge case near the base.”

Barnual says the groove is roll pressed into the cartridge and no mental is removed to achieve the groove. The company first announced the .30-06 Spfld load in mid-October alongside a .308 Winchester offering targeting American big-game hunters.

The .30-06 is available in 20 round boxes for around $14.

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