Unboxing Studios Presents: Remington R1 Hunter

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Remington R1 Hunter

(Photo: Don Summers/


We’ve headed back into the Vault to take a peek at another handgun worthy of attention — the Remington R1 Hunter.

The Remington R1 Hunter is intended for, you guessed it, the hunting crowd with its 10mm design. The 10mm round has garnered praise from devoted handgun hunters for its ability to easily harvest game in the field. No surprise then that Remington would spring into action, offering a handgun chambered around the popular cartridge.

Remington R1 Hunter

The R1 Hunter comes chambered in 10mm. (Photo: Don Summers/

The R1 Hunter slips into Remington’s R1 series with ease, adopting the familiar 1911 aesthetic. Donning a long slide, the R1 Hunter opts for a 6-inch stainless match-grade barrel with an overall length measuring 9.5-inches. Tipping scales at 41-ounces, the R1 Hunter comes equipped with an accessory rail for all the lights and lasers you want. If you prefer to ride without fancy tech, the pistol sports LPA Fully Adjustable Match Sights.

Remington R1 Hunter

The R1 Hunter offers a snazzy look. (Photo: Don Summers/

A real looker, the Remington R1 Hunter features wide rear and front serrations, and adjustable skeletonized trigger and Operator II VZ G10 grips. This is in addition to its stainless steel frame, coated with PVD DLC. The handgun is outfitted with an extended beavertail grip safety for a more positive grip while shooting.

Remington R1 Hunter

The gun features an 8+1 capacity. (Photo: Don Summers/

Remington R1 Hunter

The enhanced beavertail offers a better grip. (Photo: Don Summers/

Shipping with two mags, the R1 Hunter offers a capacity of 8+1. The Remington R1 Hunter is perfect for 1911 fans looking for a 10mm pistol to pack in the woods. Though it boasts a hefty MSRP of $1,310, street prices often fall under $1,000.

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