Guns to Put on Your List to Santa This Season

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(Graphic: Jacki Billings)

With the holiday season officially upon us, the time has come to finalize your list to Santa. We here at prefer “toys” with a little firepower. For that reason, we’ve gathered a primo list of guns sure to make your Christmas delightful.

Pistols and Revolvers

1. Shadow Systems MR918 Elite

Shadow Systems’ Elite MR918 is like a Glock on steroids offering upgraded features for those that want a custom look.

Shadow Systems MR918 Elite boasts a 9mm sub-compact design with custom features right out of the box. Released in early 2019, the semi-auto, striker-fired pistol draws inspiration from the Glock 19 but kicks the concealed carry game up a notch with tritium sights, interchangeable backstraps, threaded gold barrel and ported, optics ready slide.

The Shadow Systems MR918 Elite starts around $988.

2. Wilson Combat CQB

The Wilson Combat CQB is a high end 1911 but well worth the price.


A staple among 1911 fans, the Wilson Combat CQB brings either a 9mm or .45 ACP model, depending on which variant of the series you choose. Decked out with elevated features like a match-grade barrel, skeletonized hammer, and trigger, and G10 Starburst grips, these guns bring a sleek look to the 1911 game.

Wilson Combat CQB models start around $2,865.

3. Walther Q5 Match SF

For the competitor at heart, the Walther Q5 Match SF brings an elevated design perfect for volume shooters.


Chambered in 9mm, the Q5 Match SF brings a barrel length of 5-inches to an overall length measuring 8.7-inches. Designed for serious shooters, the pistol boasts a wrap-around grip panel, extended beavertail, full-length Picatinny rail, and recessed slide release. The Q5 Match SF comes ported and optics-ready, with LPA iron sights. Sporting a 15+1 capacity, the Q5 Match SF reduces recoil with a heavier 41.6-ounce build, providing a quality pistol for competition shooters.

The Walther Q5 Match SF retails for $1,499.

4. Ruger GP100

The Ruger GP100 is a solid revolver design.


The Ruger GP100, chambered in .357 Mag, delivers a revolver aesthetic with a 6-shot capacity. Available in barrel lengths starting at 3-inches and ending at 6-inches, the GP100 touts Hogue grips, a 40-ounce weight, and adjustable sights. With a variety of models to choose, wheelgun fans have plenty of options of which to choose.

The Ruger GP100 starts around $769.

5. Glock 42

Good ole Glock brings a familiar design in a small package.


The Baby Glock, as it is affectionately called, is an ultra-compact version of the company’s widely loved polymer design. The Glock 42 comes chambered in .380 ACP with all the trappings of Gaston’s guns. Tipping scales at 13.76-ounces, the Glock 42 features an overall length of 5.94-inches and is a favorite companion of concealed carriers due to its small stature and reliable construction.

The Glock 42 comes with a price tag of $400.

Rifles and Shotguns

1. Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus

The Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus is a semi-auto shotgun perfect for waterfowl hunters.


Beretta provides a solid shotgun for waterfowlers with its A400 Xtreme Plus semi-auto shotgun. Featuring a Kick-Off recoil-reducing buttstock system, the gun provides a softer shooting experience. Weighing around 8-pounds, the A400 Xtreme Plus offers models in 26-, 28- and 30-inch barrel lengths with five 20mm extended tubes.

Available in a bevy of patterns, the Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus retails for $1,900.

2. Daniel Defense DDM4V7

Daniel Defense’s DDM4V7 offers an AR-15 style with M-LOK slots for plenty of accessories.


Known for its quality builds, Daniel Defense’s DDM4V7 brings a 32-inch AR-15 featuring a 16-inch barrel and 15-inch free-floating MFR handguard with M-LOK attachment slots. The rifle opts for an ambidextrous GRIP-N-RIP charging handle and rounds out its features with a Daniel Defense Buttstock and Pistol Grip.

Daniel Defense’s DDM4V7 is priced at $1,409.

3. Ruger 10/22

The classic Ruger 10/22 offers a variety of models to choose from.


Hitting the rifle scene in 1964, the iconic Ruger 10/22 has been a staple for plinkers and small game hunters. Serving up a 10-round flush-fitting .22LR capacity, the basic model sports an 18.5-inch barrel and synthetic stock. With plenty of models to choose, the Ruger 10/22 is a great starter gun or simply a perfect addition to a plinking arsenal.

With prices starting at $199, the Ruger 10/22 is not only a classic but also affordable.

4. Savage Axis II XP

The Savage Axis II XP is a bolt-action rifle topped with a scope, ready right out of the box.


Perfect for gun owners looking for an all-in-one package, the Savage Axis II XP pairs a bolt-action design with a factory-mounted bore-sighted Bushnell Banner 3-9x40mm scope. Available in a range of calibers to include 6.5 Creedmoor, .223 Rem, .308 Win and more, the Axis II XP delivers either an 18-inch barrel or 22-inch barrel depending on flavor. The Axis II XP comes equipped with Savage’s AccuTrigger as well as a mag capacity of four rounds.

The Savage Axis II XP is priced at $478.

5. Mossberg 500

Mossberg’s 500 is a stalwart shotgun with a reliable reputation.


The pump-action Mossberg 500 is a reliable ole shotgun, providing models from 12-gauge down to .410 bore with barrel lengths depending on chambering. Most of the newer Mossberg 500 models use interchangeable chokes which opens this shotgun up to a range of hunting seasons. Even better, the Mossberg 500 offers an affordable design, easily obtainable for the average Joe.

The Mossberg 500 comes in around $330.

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