Merry Christmas: Keep Warm with Some Gun Culture Videos

Need a break and looking to recharge over the holidays with a few minutes of Christmas cheer that includes Enfields, shotguns and .50 cals? Look no further.

Besides our own tip for Tannenbaum harvesting via Mossberg in the above video, we checked out our friends among the guntubes to see what else they had to share.

In our first helping, rimfire aficionado 22Plinkster breaks out a Henry American Eagle 22 (what else?) lever action to see how many fruitcakes the aforementioned can-popper can pop through.

If that doesn’t put some tinsel on your tree, Plink steps up the game with a Henry Side Gate lever action .45-70.

Moving into a period tale, the British Muzzleloaders channel features the story of a Western Front Tommy Atkins, armed with his trusty Short-Magazine Lee-Enfield, sent on a mission to seize an offending Christmas Tree planted by the Kaiser’s men somewhere in No Man’s Land.

And if you came this far, last but certainly not least, we have Black Rifle Coffee Company’s Christmas Eve One-Upper, which proves you can stuff an FN SCAR in your stocking! #PowerLlama

Merry Christmas from the crew, and have a Happy New Year!

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