4 Accessories to Spend that Holiday Cash On

After the gifts are unwrapped and you’ve taken stock of your holiday haul, you might be wondering what accessories would pair best with all those new firearms. Guns.com has you covered with some of our top gear recommendations post-holiday season for those with cash to spend.


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Gifted a gun but it’s a little lackluster? Trick it out with an optic to increase the functionality of that new firearm.

While scopes for rifles can help magnify targets, they also pull double duty providing markings that allow shooters to predict where shots will land once the trigger is pulled. A bonus if you’re routinely shooting low or high on your irons.

On the other hand, red dots – which can fit onto rifles or pistols – are a non-magnifying means to accurately place shots on target. Red Dot optics display an aim point by way of an illuminated dot that, for some shooters, is easier to use than traditional iron sights.

Optics run the gamut in terms of price, but a good rule of thumb is to opt for the highest-end model you can afford.


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Ammo is always a wise investment, so why not spend that holiday moo-lah on something you’ll actually use. When it comes to training ammo some of our favorite brands are Winchester, Aguila, and CCI. For carry or heavy-duty use, check out Federal, Hornady, Speer, Remington, and Barnes.

Spare Mags

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Spare mags may seem small, but they are mighty. These handy accessories are essential to have on hand, simplifying training on the range. If you weren’t gifted these over the holidays, drop a few dollars and snap up a couple of extra magazines to take range time to a new level. While you’re at, practice those reloads.

Spare mags are available from Guns.com as low as $10.


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Better than just about anything you can throw on your gun, a class or two to familiarize yourself with your new firearm is a solid way to spend any Christmas cash. Signing up for a training session with a certified and qualified firearms instructor will help ensure your firearm gets the best use and that you know how to adequately wield it. Call local ranges to get their take on the best instructors and then get your name on the sign-up sheet ASAP.

If Santa was especially kind this year, head over to Guns.com’s Vault to find the best new and used guns to drop coin on.

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