New for 2020: Thompson/Center Compass, Venture Bolt Action Rifles

Thompson Center Arms™ Unveils New Bolt-Action Lineup for 2020 cover

From “no-frills” Compass Utility models to the Venture II series, T/C has a new range of bolt-action centerfire rifles. (Photo: T/C)

Thompson/Center is starting 2020 with an entire shelf of new bolt action rifle offerings in their Compass and Venture series platforms.

All sharing T/C’s 5R rifling and MOA accuracy guarantee, the rifles start as low as $359, suggested, and are chambered in a host of popular centerfire offerings ranging from .223 Rem to .350 Legend. Most importantly, almost all share the Smith & Wesson subsidiary’s new T/C Generation II trigger system, which is billed as being crisp, with a light 3-to-4 pound trigger pull weight and has reportedly been designed to improve in-field accuracy

“For decades, Thompson/Center has been known for its innovative firearm designs and legendary accuracy,” said Lane Tobiassen, President of Smith & Wesson, “New for 2020, T/C builds upon that legacy with an update and expansion of its bolt action rifle product line. These new rifle introductions usher in a new era for Thompson/Center as we offer a firearm of great value at a variety of price points to meet the demands of today’s consumer.”

The new rifles include the T/C Compass series, which itself is broad in scope (no pun intended) and the more polished Venture II series.


T/C Compass rifles

“The concept behind the T/C Compass was to be able to offer dedicated hunters and shooters an affordable bolt-action rifle that exceeded their expectations in terms of accuracy, reliability, and functionality,” said Danielle Sanville, Brand Manager – Thompson/Center Arms. “The new T/C Compass expertly meets each of these needs while delivering a highly-capable bolt-action rifle that can match any budget.”

The platforms in the new family include the Compass II, the Compass Compact and the Compass Utility. All use an aluminum pillar bedding design, three-lug bolt with a 60-degree lift, and an ergonomic, lightweight synthetic stock with modern contours and textured grip panels.

TC Compass II

The Compass II is chambered in 223 REM/5.56 NATO, 243 WIN, 6.5 Creedmoor, 270 WIN, 308 WIN, 30-06 SPRG, 7mm Rem Mag, and 300 Win Mag. It comes standard with a 21.625 or 24-inch barrel, depending on caliber, that has a threaded muzzle for use with compensators, brakes, and suppressors. MSRP is $405 and scoped combinations will be available with a bore-sighted Crimson Trace 3-9x40mm optic. (Photo: T/C)

TC Compass Compact

The Compass II Compact features a 16.5-inch barrel with an interchangeable, extended butt pad for length of pull adjustments from 12.5- to 13.375-inches. Offered in .243, .308, .223, and 6.5CM, it also has a $405 MSRP. (Photo: T/C)

TC Compass Utility

The T/C Compass Utility is a more “no-frills” option that is offered with a 21.625-inch 5R barrel in chamberings that include .223, 243, 6.5CM, .270, and .308. Scoped combos come with T/C-branded 3-9×40 scope. Unlike the rest of the Venture II and Compass II models, the Compass Utility does not have the new T/C Generation II trigger system. MSRP is $359. (Photo: T/C)

Venture II

In what T/C bills as their new “flagship bolt-action hunting rifle,” the Venture II system uses the company’s new Gen II trigger system and a 5R barrel that ranges from 22- to 24-inches depending on caliber. Speaking of which, it will be offered in .223, 243, 6.5CM, .270 Win, .308, .30-06, 7mm Rem Mag, .300 Win Mag, and .350 Legend.

Using a synthetic stock with Hogue grip panels, the rifle has a Weather Shield corrosion-resistant coating.

TC Venture II

The Venture II has a threaded muzzle for use with compensators, brakes, and suppressors in all nine caliber offerings. MSRP on the line starts at $525. (Photo: T/C)


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