TriStar Debuts Half-Dozen New Scatterguns for 2020

TriStar takes new launches to the next level in 2020 with not one or two, but no less than six new additions and major upgrades to its shotguns.

Hunter Mag Camo


TriStar unveiled new shotguns, including the Hunter Mag now in camo. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The company’s line of reliable, hard-hitting magnum Over-Under break-action hunting shotguns saw an upgrade with a new synthetic stocked, 3.5-inch chambered double called the Hunter Mag Camo. The shotgun pairs a sharp Midnight Bronze finish with Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage for a scattergun that will disappear in everything from duck blinds to turkey woods.

The Hunter Mag ships with five Beretta Mobil style choke tubes and retails for $760.



The TT Field. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The TT-Field models are not brand new for 2020, but most of us have yet to get our hands on these steel-framed hunting models. Available in four gauges–.410, 28-, 20-, and 12- gauge—the TT-Field comes standard with Select Grade Turkish Walnut, laser engraved receivers, auto ejectors, and five, color-coded extended choke tubes.

MSRP on the TT-Field series runs from $855 to $885 depending on gauge.

Viper G2 Turkey


The Viper G2 Turkey. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Turkey hunters will appreciate the ergonomic additions to the company’s proven Viper G2 line of semi-auto hunting guns. The G2 Turkey comes in both 12- and 20-gauge with a 3-inch chamber, four Beretta Mobil style chokes including an extended turkey choke, a top Picatinny rail for easy optics mounting and a pistol-grip addition favored by run and gunners. The two-piece stock system is covered in Mossy Oak camouflage with metalwork done in Midnight Bronze.

Viper G2 SRB Sport Youth


The Viper G2 Sport Youth is decked out in blue and red. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Tristar’s additions for 2020 are not merely for hunters, but for youth and competition clay shooters as well. The Viper G2 line of shotguns has been serving a dual purpose for some years now, but the flashy new finishes will catch the eye of many young shooters. Both red and blue anodizing dress the G2 SRB Sport Youth models, an upgrade to the standard Viper G2 Youth in camo and wood. The guns have a 3-inch, 20-gauge chamber with a 26-inch barrel.

The new SRB Sport’s ship with three extended Beretta Mobil Chokes for an MSRP around $655.



(Photo: Kristin Alberts/


(Photo: Kristin Alberts/

Tristar continues to improve upon their serious line of competition Trap shotguns with the TT-Trap. A major addition is a more customizable buttpad system that allows shooters to tailor LOP. The 12-gauges can be had with barrel lengths from 30-, 32-, and 34-inches, with several combo sets available.

Models include Mono Trap, Top Single, Unsingle, Double Trap, Combo Trap, Combo Deluxe, and Sporting with MSRP’s from $915 to $2,335.

Trinity Series O/U


(Photo: Kristin Alberts/

The most eye-catching to both hunters and clay shooters alike is Tristar’s entirely new family of Over-Under shotguns called the Trinity Series. The 3-inch chambered doubles are said to exhibit a higher grade of fit and finish. The steel receiver Trinity features 24-karat gold inlay as part of the engraved receiver. The Trinity will be available in 12-, 16-, and 20-gauge with an MSRP of $685.

The Trinity LT, meanwhile, offers a lightweight aluminum receiver. Both wear satin oil-finished Turkish Walnut stocks, a fiber optic front sight, and ship with five Beretta Mobil chokes. The lighter weight Trinity LT comes in .410, 28-, 20-, or 12-gauge with a slightly higher MSRP of $700.


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