Gifts For Your Sweetheart That Won’t Break the Bank

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? (Photo:

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching leaving many lovebirds to ponder what to get their significant other. If money is tight but you still want to please that special someone in your life, consider one of the following options.

Boxes of Fun

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Ask any gun owner what he or she uses the most of and guaranteed it’s ammo. Whether you plink rounds down range or pack them in your favorite carry gun, ammo is one gift you can be sure the gun owner in your life will appreciate and use.

When shopping for ammo, consider what style of shooting your gun lover prefers and any supply gaps they currently have in their inventory. For cheap and easy ammo for rifle and handgun plinkers, opt for American Eagle or Winchester White Box. Though pricier, concealed carriers would appreciate Hornady Critical Defense or Speer Gold Dot to pair with their carry guns while Federal Black Cloud TSS and Aguila Competition are great options for shotgun shooters.

Spare Mags for your Sweetheart

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Magazines frequently take a beating at the range amid rapid reloads and general wear and tear, so spare mags make a thoughtful gift. Fairly easy on the wallet, spare mags, like ammo, are gifts you know your gun lover will use.

Load your gun guy or gun girl up with a handful of spares and if you really want to impress them offer to help pre-load before range day.

Used Guns for Date Days at the Range

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Nothing says “I love you” quite like a gun but when finances are tight, new models might be off the table. For this reason, buying used is often more advantageous. Not only do you get stellar prices, but used models often also come with accessories like scopes, hard cases, holsters, and spare mags. offers an impressive array of used guns. From certified used models straight from the Vault to locally sourced options courtesy of our network of FFL dealers, whatever your budget or preference can help. Check out’s Outlet page for no less than 160 guns ready for you all under $250!

Binos and Rangefinders for the Hunters and Huntress

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Hunters and Huntresses alike will certainly dig new gear to accompany them on long treks into the wilderness so why not gift them a sweet pair of binoculars or a solid rangefinder to make life a little easier. Binos pull double duty allowing gun owners to spot prey from a distance but these handy tools also transition into regular life. Bushnell Powerview, Simmons Venture, and Konus KonusRex all offer options that won’t break the bank.

For an accessory that is a little more gun oriented, grab a rangefinder for your loved one. Perfect for those hunting at distance or even just plinking at unknown ranges, rangefinders help gun owners dial in scopes for the perfect shot. When shopping, consider the Bushnell Trophy or Sig Kilo1000 — both under $180.

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