Discover the Rare Guns of the Vault: February 2020 Edition

At we’re all about selling all types of guns, rare gems included. You can visit our Collectors Corner to see a curated gallery of all the most exciting collectible guns that we have to offer at any given time. We scoured through the corner and also found a few gems that slipped through the cracks so join us as we examine the top rare guns from the Vault.

Browning M1919 A4/A6


The Browning M1919 is available now to the right buyer.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a replica wartime machine gun? Here’s your chance! This Browning M1919 replica is a semi-auto version of its full-auto brethren which has seen action in nearly every modern-era combat amphitheater.

This big boy is built with a 24-inch shrouded barrel and is chambered in .30-06 Spfld with the ability to fire belt-fed. It also comes with a height-adjustable tripod. Talk about home defense! There is only one way to pick up one of these bad boys for your castle, that’s by clicking the button below.


Winchester Model 94 Larry Bird Commemorative

Larry Bird rifle

This limited edition Larry Bird Winchester 94 is as beautiful as Bird’s jump shot.

This is truly a rare find as only 100 of these beautiful rifles were ever produced. For those of you who are fans of Indiana basketball legend Larry Bird, this is a must-have!

Some beautiful details are on display on this gun including engraving that commemorates this as number 78 out of 100 produced. Other scrollwork you’ll notice pays homage to the legend’s run with the Celtics from 1979 – 1992 and his time spent on the Olympic team as part of the original Dream Team.

If you love Larry Bird, the Hoosier state, or the great game of basketball then this would be a worthy piece to include in your collection. Check it out by clicking the link below.


Rob Fluckiger Buschenmacer Single Shot Pistol

bullseye pistol

This single-shot target pistol is ready for the right collector.

Who said the art of bullseye shooting with obscure calibers is dead? This beauty from Robert Fluckiger fires a 5mm Bergman Rimless cartridge out of a 12-inch barrel. You probably aren’t going to find any spare ammo laying around but this is one of the more aesthetically pleasing guns we have in the vault, ready for a good collector.


HK P7 M13

HK p7

The P7 M13 is a fan favorite among HK aficionado.

HK is a prolific gunmaker with several designs that stand the testament of time, one of them being the P7 series. The P7 was introduced in 1978 and was produced through 2008. The M13 variant is considered among one of those vaunted HK designs that will forever be sought.

The M13 was debuted in 1982 in an attempt to win the US Army contract that eventually went to the Beretta M92. The 13+1 capacity of the pistol along with its low bore axis and unique squeeze cocking mechanism make this pistol continually sought after. The P7 M13 we have in the Vault is in excellent condition and ready for a new home.

GET A P7 M13!

S&W Model 61 Escort

S&W 61

The Model 61 is ready for deep concealment.

The Smith & Wesson Model 61 Escort went into production in 1970 and had a short production run of three years with just over 60,000 produced. This little pocket pistol is chambered in .22 LR and is meant to be carried in deep concealment.

It practically disappears with a 2.1-inch barrel. Those beautiful faux wood grips give it a distinctive 70s vibe, inviting you to carry with it with your best leisure suit. This model from the Vault comes with original case, box, and 5 round magazine.


Colt Model 1877 Gatling Gun

Colt Bulldog Gatling gun

As the example we have available is serial number #1, you can guess when it may have been crafted.

If you’re looking to pair that Browning with another home defense weapon then your next logical choice would be this replica 1877 Colt Gatling Gun. This 10-barrel Gatling gun will need a mule to move it with a total weight of around 320-pounds. These have been produced since 2009 by U.S. Armament Corp but this model has the unique privilege of having serial number 1.

An amazing and unique opportunity for the right collector. Chambered in .45-70 Government this can fire up to 1,200 rpm and because it’s hand-cranked there are no NFA restrictions, though state and local laws should be checked. As a bonus, if you buy this, will fly to wherever you are to film the joy of your initial range visit.

To see a full review on the gun and its design check out our article here. To get this in your yard ASAP simply click the button below.


Whitney Wolverine

Whitney Wolverine pistols left

Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin, among other inventions, and the company named in his honor only produced the Wolverine (Photo: Richard Taylor/

No other gun may encompass the space-age design aesthetic of the 1950s better than the Whitney Wolverine. With it’s sleek and sweeping lines this pistol looks like it’s ready for a race or a Martian colony.

The famed firearms inventor Robert Hillberg set out to produce “the world’s fastest firing pistol” in the Wolverine but ultimately had to shut the doors due to pricing and legal problems. During its short production run, just over 13,000 of these plinkers were produced, making them extremely valuable for any collector.

We wrote a comprehensive review of the Whitney Wolverine and it’s inventor, check it out by clicking here. To add this space-age design to your collection simply click on the link below.


Rare Antique 20-Shot Western European Revolver

Rare 9-Pound, 20-Shot 'Trench Revolver' Surfaces

Intriguing and thought-provoking, this is one odd wheelgun.

This revolver is so rare that it doesn’t even have a manufacturer attached to it. This is believed to be a trench gun that served in WWI to “peek” over the trench. As you can see there really isn’t a traditional trigger, rather a lever that appears to have been pulled with a rope attached.

There are very few recorded instances of this gun existing which leads one to believe that this may have been a prototype design that was later scrapped. We did a full review of this historic beauty, you can see the full write-up by clicking here. You won’t find this rare gem in anyone else’s collection so get it now while it’s still available by clicking the button below.


Henry Parker Warranted

This muzzleloader packs a serious punch for a serious collector.

For those looking for a percussion cap muzzleloader that is over 100-years-old, this is the long gun for you. Henry Parker was a lock maker in Trenton, NJ who worked during the mid-1800s. His locks appear on a number muzzleloaders of the day but these rifles appear to be produced by him with the words “Henry Parker Warranted” engraved onto the lock plate.

At 42-inches long this rifle may be too long for your gun safe but it would look excellent hanging on a wall. It fires the equivalent of a .50 BMG in a black powder form so it can take down any big game. The golden deer, which is embedded in the stock, is a nod to the game hunted with this rifle.

This gun is a work of art not to mention a great historical artifact that would do well in any collector’s home. Add to your collection today by clicking the button below.


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