A Gen 3 Glock 19 Goes Custom with Zev

While searching through the Guns.com Vault, I came across a gem of a gun just begging to be taken for a test drive — a Zev Custom Glock 19 Gen 3.

All-American, Zev offers a huge catalog of upgrades for Glock fans. Not to mention, the company is known for bringing a radical look to the otherwise blocky, uniform Glock – all without breaking reliability.

The Upgrades

Immediately, the Zev slide atop the Glock frame catches attention with its aggressive serrations. This upgrade is leaps above the small factory serrations normally found on Glock pistols. Additionally, the slide comes pre-cut for an optic with the Trijicon RMR resting nicely on it. The slide is built to allow absolute co-witnessing with traditional iron sights.

Custom Glock

This Custom Zev comes complete with a Trijicon RMR already attached (Photo: Taylor Thorne/Guns.com)

This optic system is great for quick sight acquisition, not to mention, should the red dot fail the irons are ready as a back-up. The Zev Custom Glock 19 also features a rail on the underside of the muzzle, which proves useful in low light conditions. I attached a Surefire X300 Ultra which brought more illumination to my range day. When looking at the practical use of a firearm in tactical situations or home defense, having a gun capable of sporting a weapon light is a definite bonus.

Range Performance

The biggest performance upgrade centers around the compensator. The compensator comes pinned to the KKM Precision barrel and keeps the gun shooting flat. Compared to a stock Glock, the compensator mitigates recoil immensely, keeping shots on target. The KKM barrel brings higher tolerances over stock barrels while the proprietary button rifling boasts better accuracy. This particular barrel features a Black Nitride finish — a top of the line offering – that can withstand a beating. The barrel is also super easy to clean, even after a high round count practice.

Wrapping my hands around the grip module, the Zev stippling offers some added traction. The trigger guard provides a double undercut which allowed me to ride higher on the grip. The trigger guard also holds a bit of stippling here too.

Zev Custom Glock

This Zev Custom G19 shoots as well as it looks (Photo: Taylor Thorne/Guns.com)

Speaking of accuracy, this gun has it. My first time shooting, I was able to perform the one-hole drill to near perfection at 7-yards. At 15-yards I made tight half-inch groups while keeping an upbeat split cadence of 0.20 to 0.25 seconds. When it came time to reload, the oversized magazine release was right there for easy access — so much better than the smaller stock release on the Glock. The aluminum mag well also helped ensure smooth reloads.

The Zev trigger is a big upgrade over the stock Glock trigger group, with a crisp pull and less take-up. Overall this gun comes chock full of upgrades, with even the striker plate replaced with a hex design aluminum one.


If considering similar modifications to your Glock, save yourself some time and consider for a gun with the work already done. From a competitive perspective, the Zev equipped Glock 19 offers a great open-class option for 3-Gun or Outlaw Matches. Be it tactical, competitive, range plinking or protection, this particular Glock 19 has a lot of features that would make anyone grin. If you’re looking for a Zev Technologies gun for yourself just click the button below to see what Guns.com has in the Vault.


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