Bond Arms Grows Rough Series of Double-Barrel Handguns

Bond Arms Grows Rough Series of Double-Barrel Handguns

Bond Arms has a new line of Rough pistols in 9mm and .45LC/.410. (Photos: Bond Arms)

With an MSRP starting at $269, the new Rough series of double-barreled handguns from Bond Arms now includes a Grizzly.

Whereas many of the pistols in the Texas-based company’s catalog have prices starting well above $500, the Rough line is a more budget-friendly offering that still provides the same sturdy design but with a bead blasted finish that runs a bit plainer.

“To create a more affordable option for budget-conscious customers without compromising features, Bond Arms trimmed down its finishing process,” explained the company in a statement. “The Rough Series was born and included the Roughneck, Rowdy, and the newest addition, the Grizzly double-barrel guns. The result is a handgun with the same outstanding qualities inherent in every Bond Arms’ gun without all the frills.”

While not as pretty as other Bond Arms pistols, the Rough series still comes standard with the same stainless-steel barrels and frames as the rest of the company’s handguns. Other features include a cross-bolt safety, retracting firing pins, spring-loaded cam-lock lever and rebounding hammer.

The newest of the series is the .45LC/.410 bore Grizzly, which sports a pair of 3-inch barrels and comes in at 5-inches long overall. Using bear-engraved rosewood grips with a checkered panel, the pistol includes a matching leather holster.

Bond Arms Grizzly

MSRP on the Bond Arms Grizzly is $377.

Introduced late last year, the Rough N Rowdy could be described as a more low-key Grizzly without the bear, coming standard with plain black rubber grips. Like the Grizzly, its 3-inch barrels are chambered in .45 Long Colt, and 2.5-inch .410 bore shotshells.

Bond Arms Rowdy

MSRP on the Bond Arms Rough N Rowdy is $299.

The more lilliputian of the Rough line is the Roughneck, a 9mm double pistol with 2.5-inch barrels and an overall length of 4.5-inches. Using black rubber grips, it has an all-up weight of 22-ounces.

Bond Arms Roughneck

MSRP on the Bond Arms Roughneck is $269.


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