Best of April Fool's Day Posts From Around the Gun Community

As we all need something to laugh about these days, a few gun companies and influencers stepped in an attempt to make us smile on April 1st.

Kahr’s Blessed Crossbow

“BRAND NEW from Kahr Arms: in a bitingly powerful collaboration with local monasteries, we’re proud to introduce the Kahr V9. Designed from the ground up for the monster hunting community, it packs enough firepower to ward off ANY fanged assailant in the night. All models blessed before purchase.”

Binary Trigger…for a pump-action shotgun?

Franklin Arms introduced a “Binary Trigger – BFSIII™ 870-C1” for the Remington pump-action classic. Let that sink in.

Vortex Goes Cooking

Vortex Optics launched their very own Test Kitchen, featuring a Wisconsin classic recipe, with lots of brewskies.

$50 Hi-Point Review

Skinny Medic rolled out a brief review of a Hi-Point C9, which admittedly looks like it runs very well despite the roast.

Flannel HALO Salute

Mike at Garand Thumb went deep into the rabbit hole on a very well-made 27-minute (!) video featuring the Individual Combat Weapon System, Caliber 7.62 mm, MA37, is the standard-issue service rifle of the UNSC. It looks like he broke the gun tube universe with more than 377,000 views in less than a day.

The GDC contribution

Our mailing list subscribers saw a number of gag offerings on April 1, including excellent pricing on tactical nukes.

(Photo: GDC)

And, of course, our own Ben Philippi took to the task of destroying a larger-than-life COVID ball.

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