Checking in with Our Favorite Influencers checked in with a handful of our favorite influencers and our own ambassadors to see how they’ve been handling the Coronavirus lock-down.

Vaughn, The Man Spot

You are now quarantined and must spend time inside. At this point, you feel like you’ve organized the refrigerator and your sock drawer one too many times. When life was normal we wished we had more time at home to do the things we needed to do. Life gets busy and sometimes we don’t prioritize things that should be a huge priority. The good news is it’s not too late. This quarantine has shown us that our movements, work and even commerce can change. Now that we have seen this happening in front of us, what should we do now to be prepared?

There is an old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Making plans does not cost money. It simply takes time. At the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself and your family — not the government.

22 Plinkster



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As for my family and I, things have been pretty chill. We have plenty of toilet paper, Dr. Pepper, and meat to last us a while (not to mention frozen pizza…. I’m a sucker for frozen pizza). The most difficult part for me is finding quiet time to work.

With my wife being off of work because she’s school teacher, and my 2 girls at home, things have been a little noisy. With so many people being in quarantine, I feel obligated to put out content more often than usual. People get bored real quick, when they just can’t get up and go to the mall, movies, or sporting events. It is my job to try and bring a little bit of education and entertainment during this time.

Jon Patton, The Gun Collective

Genevieve and I took the time to take inventory of what we had on hand, and grab not only things we knew we needed but also things we knew we would want during this weird time. Making sure we take care of our mental health and morale is JUST as important as our physical health.

We are also fortunate that whenever we see a good deal on ammo, we tend to grab some so running low on that isn’t really an issue. It’s all about keeping the right mindset during the good times to make sure you are in good shape during the rough times.

John Lovell, Warrior Poet Society

We’re really just enjoying family time together — games, books, walks outside, frisbee, etc. We have prepared well enough that we really don’t need to go to the store for a long time.

Take time to accomplish some goals. Read some books. Brainstorm business ideas or angles. Enjoy this forced season of rest. You may need it more than you realize.

Eli Duckworth, 1776_Duck

One important lesson I’ve learned: scared people are more troublesome than any virus can be. With that being said, one of the most important pieces of preparation for disasters is having a network of trustworthy and capable friends/family that can work together to support each other.

In these times of uncertainty, it’s difficult to prepare for everything. Pray for the best but prepare for the worst. Your mental health and preparedness is as important as your physical and tangible preparedness. At the end of the day, you’re responsible for your life and when the defecation hits the air-moving device, you’re your own first responder. Be prepared for anything, mentally and physically, and become adaptable to those conditions forced upon you!

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