Great Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day rapidly approaching, some may be scratching their heads and wondering what to get mom for her special day. With spa days a little iffy and jewelry overrated, why not get the gun-toting mom in your life a gift that speaks to her 2A side.

1. Bags


The Asfaleia Tote is primed to help carriers interested in a more fashionable approach to off-body carry. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

Moms tote a lot of stuff for their household so why not get her bag that can pull double duty? Asfaleia Designs offers a bevy of fashionable designer-style handbags that can easily go from PTO meetings into the boardroom. Even better, some models come with a ballistic insert, allowing her to stay safe in non-permissive environments, like schools, where she has to leave her gun behind.

If Asfaleia is a little out of your price range, invest in a nice backpack or range bag for mom from 5.11 Tactical. With plenty of pockets to stow essentials and velcro to showcase her favorite patches, bags come in a variety of fun colors.

For the sporty mom on the go, a Ukoala bag is another great option — especially for women who concealed carry. With a handy, dedicated pocket for your gun and the ability to mount a Velcro-backed Kydex holster, she can stay safe but still be functional.

2. Holsters

AIWB Holster

A solid holster will certainly make mom happy. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

For concealed carry loving moms, now might be the time to upgrade her holster. Moms that love Glocks, Sigs, or Smiths for appendix carry will dig Dark Star Gear holsters. Fitted with a Dark Wing attachment, the holster makes it super easy to carry AIWB-style. While you’re on the hunt for an AIWB rig, also check out Phlster and Keeper’s Concealment for solid options.

If Hybrid is her thing, take a look at Crossbreed Holsters, StealthGear USA, or Hidden Hybrid Holsters for a wide swath of options at various price points. Finally, if she prefers the look and feel of leather, Galco provides an array of leather options for a variety of gun models.

3. Training, Range Time or Both

Texas Range Day

A class or some range time will be much appreciated. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

I know it’s tempting to take mom to the range and teach her how to shoot but, unsurprisingly, women tend to learn best from instructors who aren’t related to them. Instead of causing headaches for you and her, why not invest in a class or private tutoring with a local, qualified instructor.

Alternatively, if mom has a class or two under her belt already but craves some “me time” grab her a range pass from her favorite range. (If you want bonus points, pair that with a gift card to her favorite coffee or smoothie shop, so she can grab a sweet treat on the way home.)

4. A BUG to Accompany Her Primary EDC

Sig Sauer P238

The Sig P238 features a nice, smooth trigger. (Photo: Jacki Billings/

So the mom you’re shopping for already has a chosen EDC. Why not grab her a good secondary option as a backup? Some of our favorite backup guns include the Sig Sauer P238 and P938, Beretta Nano, Glock 42, Ruger LCP II, or Smith & Wesson 642. While we fully support mom carrying as big of a gun as she feels comfortable and can conceal, sometimes that Glock 19 just doesn’t work with a little black dress and that’s where a backup gun shines.

5. Accessories

When all else fails, top mom’s guns off with some sweet gear to kick it over the top. Items like light/laser combos, handguards, spare magazines, bipods, upgraded sights, and barrels, or even a nice red dot or scope will trick out her gun and make her feel extra special.

In need of a gift for mom, check out what has to offer the favorite woman in your life.

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