offers numerous options in pumps and semi-autos for smaller-framed shooters getting a start in the great outdoors. Whether you are last-minute turkey scattergun shopping or planning for both bird and clay seasons this fall, we’ve pulled together some options perfect for youth hunters.

Stevens 320 Compact

The Stevens 320 Field Grade pump-action shotgun represents one of the best buys for youth shooters in need of a hunting gun. Priced just over $200, the Stevens Model 320 is available in either 12- or 20-gauge with a ventilated rib barrel, camouflage synthetic stocks, interchangeable chokes, and a fiber optic front sight.

Savage Arms, the parent behind the Stevens’ name, ensures the Model 320 is built with dual slide bars and a rotary bolt head for greater durability. The drilled and tapped receiver means easy optics mounting for chasing turkeys, especially gobbler-friendly in the Mossy Oak Obsession camo. Smaller framed waterfowlers will gravitate to the Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades coverage. There’s even a Muddy Girl option for those youngsters favoring pink camo.

Remington V3 Compact

Remington’s Model V3 line of auto-loading shotguns have been popular with hunters for several years, and there’s no reason youth or small-frame shooters can’t enjoy that same action. The V3 Compact uses synthetic furniture with a shorter 13-inch length-of-pull.

This semi-auto cycles both 2-3/4 and 3-inch 12-gauge loads using the company’s proven VersaPort gas system technology. The V3 Compact uses a 22-inch barrel with interchangeable chokes, an alloy receiver, and an overall weight of just over 6-pounds. MSRP on the V3 Compact is $915, with used prices sub-$700.

Pointer Deluxe Youth

While Pointer is not a well-recognized name in semi-automatic shotguns, the Deluxe Youth represents what is probably the most affordable option on the market. Pointer shotguns come via Legacy Sports International, which also encompasses brands like Howa, Lithgow Arms, and Citadel.

The Pointer Deluxe Youth is chambered in 20-gauge, dressed in plain black synthetic, chrome-lined ventilated rib barrel and includes a set of five choke tubes. Prices on the Pointer Youth model shotguns come in just over $300.

Escort M87 Youth

Like the Pointer brand, Escort shotguns were also sold through Legacy Sports International, and they represent a low-priced entry point into youth-sized pump-action shotguns. The M87 is available in either 12- or 20-gauge with a 22-inch barrel and abbreviated 13.5-inch LOP.

Interchangeable chokes come standard as does a Turkish Walnut stock fitted to the matte black metalwork. MSRP on the M87 Youth is $350 with used prices occasionally found for as low as $199.

TriStar Viper G2 Youth

Turkish-made TriStar offers proven, budget-priced, semi-automatic shotguns with the Viper G2 coming in many different models. In youth models alone, selections include Wood, Synthetic, Camo, and Sporting — which shows off a brightly anodized finish in either blue or red. The Viper G2 is a gas-driven autoloader with the majority chambered in 20-gauge, though both 12-gauge and .410 bore options are also available.

With a vent rib barrel, fiber optic sight, chrome-lined barrel, and “soft touch” stock and forearm finish, the Viper G2 excels as a youth hunting shotgun with a 13-inch LOP. The Quick-Shot plug removal system means the magazine tube plug can be easily removed in the field and the G2 also uses a manual E-Z Load magazine cut-off. The guns ship with three choke tubes and shim kits. MSRP runs from $580 to $685, depending upon model choice.

Mossberg 500 Bantam

If shooters want one of the most well-known and respected pump-action shotguns on the market, the Mossberg Model 500 sits right at the top. Young shooters can cut their teeth on the 500 Bantam for birds, clays, and even deer with the Combo sets. The 500 Bantam can be had in almost any configuration, including wood, camo, and left-handed. The 500 Super Bantam models, including a Turkey edition, include LOP spacers allowing the gun to grow with the shooter from 12- to 13-inches. The newer 500 Flex models even allow adjustment to the comb height and even greater LOP changes.

The Mossberg 500 Bantam uses dual extractors, choke tubes, twin action bars, and steel-to-steel lockup. One of the nicest features for young shooters using a pump is Mossberg’s EZ-Reach forend so the shooter needn’t reach far forward to cycle the action. Because the 500 Bantam is so popular, both new and used options abound, with prices from $250 to $400.

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