Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is right around the corner on Sunday, June 21. What better way to show your appreciation than with a gift or two? has a vast amount of potential gifts. We took the liberty of putting together a little list to give you some ideas.

Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas ruger wrangler

The Ruger Wrangler. A six-shot single-action .22LR revolver. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/


Ruger made headlines earlier this year when they released the fun and affordable single-action six-shot .22LR revolver called the Wrangler. At $200, it’s hard to beat.

Revolvers have always had a place in the heart of shooters. What better way to spend an afternoon with dad than picking cans off a fence line or seeing who can do better on a paper target from 25 yards? The only thing more American would be shooting while eating a piece of apple pie. Revolvers are timeless, much like diamonds, only cheaper, and better.

Available in three Cerakote colors, silver, burnt bronze, and black, the finish is designed to last many years of use. And course it fires the affordable .22 LR ammo, of which we plenty for sale here.


Check out our Ruger Wrangler review below.

DANIEL DEFENSE RIFLE had the pleasure of visiting the Daniel Defense factory a few months ago in Black Creek, Georgia. Although they’ve only been making guns for 20 years, they’ve risen to join the ranks of household names such as Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Ruger. Their attention to detail and customer service has helped make them successful. In 2018, they sold upwards of 40,000 rifles. Their success has allowed them to purchase state of the art machinery and move into a 300,000 square foot factory. They make almost every single part of their rifles in the USA.

Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas daniel defense

The Daniel Defense DDM4V9.

Whether it be one of their AR rifles such as the DDM4V9 pictured above, or their brand new Delta 5 bolt action rifle pictured below, they deliver quality firearms. The Delta 5 is available in .308 Win, 7mm Express, and 6.5mm Creedmoor. They’ve taken the modularity of the AR platform and integrated it into the bolt action rifle. It has an interchangeable cold hammer-forged barrel and user-configurable stock. It features a Timney adjustable single-stage trigger, Picatinny scope base, and a three-lug bolt with a 60-degree throw.

If you want to reach out and touch dad’s heart, the Delta 5 is a guaranteed bullseye.

Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas daniel defense

The Daniel Defense Delta 5 rifle. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/


See our Select-Fire Daniel Defense factory tour below.


Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

Barnes VOR-TX rifle ammo.

Why not prepare for the fall hunting trip now with the gift of a box of good quality hunting ammunition in the caliber of your father’s favorite rifle? always has an extensive supply of hunting ammo in stock and ready to go. Click on the link below and then use the filter on the left side of the screen to select your caliber, manufacturer, and so many more options to narrow down your search until you have just what dear old dad would want.


We even put together an article on the best ways to store your ammo. If done properly, it will last for many years.


Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas

From left to right. A Butler Creek 25-round magazine for the Savage A17. A Magpul PMAG D60. An Amend2 A217 mag for Glock 43.

You can never go wrong with the gift of magazines to keep that favorite firearm well fed. has a huge selection of all shapes and sizes. Whether it be a 25-round Butler Creek magazine for the Savage A17 rifle, a 60-round Magpul PMAG D60 magazine for your AR-15, or a 6-round Amend2 A217 magazine for you Glock G43, we got your covered. Just remember to keep your state’s capacity laws in mind before ordering. If you live in a state that doesn’t have any, high-five a bald eagle and keep in touch with your lawmakers to make sure it stays that way. 

To find the perfect Father’s Day magazine, click on the link below and choose from the filter on the right side to find exactly what you’re looking for.



Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas leupold

Leupold BX-1 8x42mm binoculars.

It’s always nice to carry a lightweight and compact pair of binoculars when walking outdoors. You never know what you’ll see. As many of us know, Leopold makes fantastic firearm optics, but they also make superb binoculars.

The BX-1 is a compact binocular that features a BAK4 roof prism. The glass is crystal clear and the rubberized exterior offers excellent grip.

In general, anything over 8x in binoculars starts to get jittery without utilizing a support of some kind, so these are around the upper end of that range. Further, the 42mm lenses allow in a good amount of light allowing these binoculars to be used in low light conditions. It’s the perfect combination for hand-held binoculars.



Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas gun cane

The Remington No. 1 .22 short rifle cane (right) next to a photo of Abram Hewitt, circa 1865.

If your father is a distinguished gentleman who’s fond of pets, why not splurge on a Remington No.1 rifle cane long shaft chambered in .22 short with a dog’s head on the handle?

These were quite common in the 1850s. This particular cane is stamped in 1872. These are very rare, especially in good condition like this one. The shaft measures 36.5-inches from the bottom to where the handle starts to curve. There is a button to fire the single-shot .22 short bullet from the end of the cane. Serial number 1453 which is marked in three places and all numbers match. It doesn’t get much fancier than this.



Seven Great Father's Day Gift Ideas enamel metal camper mug.

Last but not least, here is a classic and always handy old-school enamel camper mug for your consideration. This rugged little mug is perfect for camping and home. On one side, it’s got the’s name and logo, and the other sports the classic target of a bad guy. It holds 16-ounces of coffee or whatever else you might want to put in it.


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