Low Prices on Long Guns From Our Clearance Section

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If you’re looking for deals on firearms, then look no further than the Guns.com Clearance section. Here you’ll find an additional 25 percent off already low prices on Certified Used Firearms. We’ve taken some time to highlight some of the best long guns on clearance. Nab one before they’re gone!

Hunt Large or Small Game with Winchester

Winchester 63

A couple of nice Winchester 63s.

Whether you want to hunt squirrel with a .22 LR or take down an elk with a 7mm Rem, Winchester has you covered. Winchester produced the Model 63 from 1933 through 1959 and it was an instant hit, eventually earning the moniker “The Speed King.”  This beautiful plinker has become a staple of collectors and small game hunters alike, sporting 10 rounds of .22 LR in a tubular magazine. Guns.com has a handful of Model 63s ready for a new home today.

Winchester Model 70

The Winchester Model 70 in .30-06 (above) and 7mm Rem (below.)

If .22 LR is a little too small, then perhaps a Model 70 is more up your alley. The Model 70 started production in 1936 and has spawned countless variations over the years. It’s now seen as one of Winchester’s iconic models and a must for every Winchester collector. Guns.com currently has Model 70s chambered in 30-06, .270 WSM, and 7mm Rem.


Chasing Birds with Charles Daly


Charles Daly is a reliable and affordable shotgun choice for birds. (Photo: Kristin Alberts/Guns.com)

Founded in 1865, Charles Daly is one of the oldest names in the business. The company imports firearms into the U.S. from gun manufacturers, mainly in Europe. A stylish and affordable option these shotguns offer fine wood stocks and simple engravings on the receiver at a good price point. We have a handful in the clearance section in a range of gauges and prices.


High-Quality Weatherby Rifles

Weatherby rifle

The raised Monte Carlo stock and laser engraving give this Weatherby a sophisticated look.

Weatherby was built on innovation, producing accurate, big game rounds. That long history and rich tradition continue today with Weatherby’s selection of rifles — perfect for collectors or hunters. Innovation aside, Weatherby rifles are also known for their beauty. A good example would be the Weatherby Vanguard Lazerguard in the Vault. This rifle has a walnut raised Monte Carlo stock featuring engravings on the forend and pistol grip.


Plinkers from Browning

Browning rifle

A couple of nice plinkers from Browning.

If plinkers and small varmint rifles are what you’re after then we have an excellent selection from Browning in a variety of flavors. All of these rifles are offered in .22 LR with choices ranging from semi-auto to lever-action to bolt-action platforms. A few offerings even ship with a scope combo — an ideal choice for first-time youth shooters or rodent hunters in the family.



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