Meet Your Team: Texas Edition

The Texas team consists of four leading players — Mark Sims, Jason Alberts, Nick Crawford, and Don Summers. These men traverse the gun landscape bringing used guns to consumers and, in the case of Summers, quality gun content to our viewers.

The Texas spirit is alive and well with Sims, Alberts, and Crawford. Sims’ Texas drawl and laid back perspective make you feel like you are in the heart of the Lone Star State. Though Alberts and Crawford are Texas-transplants, you can tell that Texas has made its way into their veins. From a passion for the Second Amendment to their polite nature and love of the outdoors, this trio embodies all that Texas symbolizes, bringing that to each customer and interaction.

“We take care of our own,” Alberts said. “Our team is small, but we’re constantly working on improving things for the customer — to make it easier and better.”

Since these gents work so hard to deliver great guns and entertainment to — often outside the purview of the public — we thought they deserved a little limelight.

Texas Gun Buying Trio

Sims, Alberts, and Crawford are the driving force behind the Certified Used Guns found on Leveraging many years of experience, the team scours the nation for unique items you won’t find at big-box retailers — in addition to procuring those everyday firearms we all need to be stocked in the safe.

“There is a tremendous amount of models and types of firearms…I’m pleasantly surprised at some of the really fantastic stuff we’ve been able to provide [] customers. Sometimes it’s something unusual, or it’s an absolutely gorgeous custom gun. That’s a treat,” Crawford said.


Crawford helps purchase used guns for the site. (Photo: Nick Crawford)

Often, the team can be found out on the road, evaluating and buying large firearms’ collections, which eventually make their way to headquarters for consumers to grab. In addition to buying collections stacked with guns, the team also manages the We Buy Guns feature on — an innovating program that allows users to sell guns hassle-free.

“We are by far the safest, most convenient way of selling a firearm, that there is for an individual,” Sims explained. “We provide packing materials to the customer, and they’re able to drop off guns with prepaid packaging and prepaid labels, just like you would return an Amazon package.”

Mark Sims

Sims takes care of the ins and outs of gun buying for (Photo: Ben Phillipi/

Sims says, especially now with the Coronavirus causing many people to consider how they interact, swoops in to offer a safer alternative. “You don’t have to socially interact with anybody, so it’s perfect,” he said.

With each used gun purchase, you can rest assured freedom is nestled in each box from

Don Summers, Photographer/Videographer

Don Summers

Summers brings his passion for film and photos to’s articles and videos. (Photo: Don Summers)

While the Texas trio secures used guns for, Summers makes sure readers and viewers have something to drool over. If you’ve scrolled through’s YouTube page, you’ve likely seen Summers’ work. Showcasing everyday gun owners, Summers often highlights the freedom-loving Americans and their chosen tools.

Weaving the Second Amendment into beautiful photography and compelling videos, Summers brings his passion for guns to his art.

“My background is in graphic design, photography, and videography, and I also happen to be really into guns. When I saw the ad [for this job], I thought, ‘Wow, what a perfect combination of my two greatest interests — videography and guns. It didn’t even seem like a job to me. It was a perfect fit,” Summers explained. “I take pride in just understanding and seeing the importance of having the Second Amendment. If I can persuade people or help spread the word on the importance and nature of the Second Amendment through any articles I do, I think that’s a positive and great thing.”

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A Texas transplant, Summers hails from the Northeast, but after moving to Texas, fell in love with Texas culture.

“One of the top appeals is it’s gun-friendly. I lived in Maryland, and they started enacting stricter gun laws and making ridiculous restrictions. The Second Amendment freedom in Texas was huge,” Summers said. “It’s also a very welcoming state. The people you come across are the friendliest you’ll ever meet. I’ve been to a lot of states, but Texans are super friendly. You can pick up a conversation with a stranger on a street corner and talk for an hour.”

While employs a range of gun enthusiasts scattered across the country, Summers, Sims, Alberts, and Crawford provide that uniquely Texas enthusiasm for freedom, guns, and independence.

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