Dealer Spotlight: Sharp Shooters in Lubbock, Texas

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Sharp Shooters in Lubbock, Texas has an enormous selection of firearms. (Photo: Sharp Shooters Gun & Safe/

Since 1992 Sharp Shooters in Lubbock, Texas has served its fine citizens with all their firearms needs — be it hunting, self-defense, or storage. With a vast selection of guns available and friendly customer service, Sharp Shooters has become a staple in Lubbock. caught up with Zane Wagner, who runs the social media and online sales for Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun, to learn more about Sharp Shooters and how helps boost online sales. What makes Sharp Shooters unique as a gun store?

Wagner: We’re the largest privately-owned gun store between Dallas and Denver. We’re 8,000 square feet and typically we’ve got over 3,000 firearms in stock at a time. What would your customers say they love most about your shop?

Wagner: I think people really like that we offer a big selection in a small, friendly environment. People like coming in here because they know our names and we know their names. Even though we’re a big store, we still have customer service. How many people work there?

Wagner: There’s about 10 of us that work in the shop.

Sharp Shooters is known for carrying a wide selection of firearms, like this ZRO Delta pistol. (Photo: Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun/ What do you like about working with

Wagner: It’s really made a streamlined process of being able to sell online, which is really nice. It allows me to get a different revenue stream coming in for Sharp Shooters — we get more of a customer base that maybe we wouldn’t be able to reach here in Lubbock. Do you find the people who are buying online are local to Texas or are you doing more out-of-state transfers?

Wagner: We have a mix. I’ve shipped a lot of guns out to Dallas, Austin, and some of the more major metropolitan areas in Texas. I also send a lot out to different states like Florida and the Carolinas.

Another interesting listing Sharp Shooters had is the Volquartsen LLV in .22 LR. (Photo: Sharp Shooters Safe & Gun/ Do you think most Texans prefer to buy from local gun shops?

Wagner: I think there’s definitely a benefit of buying locally — being able to go [into the shop.] I think a lot of Texans do prefer that. Last question, a little abstract, why do you think Texans love guns so much?

Wagner: I think it has always just been a part of the culture. When you think of Texas, I think people think of guns and the Wild West.


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