CCI Launches MeatEater Rimfire Ammunition

CCI introduces MeatEater ammunition for .22 LR and .22 WMR hunters.

CCI Expands its rimfire inventory, partnering with MeatEater's Steven Rinella to offer rimfire ammo for small game hunters. 

Offering CCI's Copper-22, Mini-Mag, and Maxi-Mag loads, the MeatEater lineup uses CCI's clean-burning propellants and priming for "consistent ballistics." The Copper-22 load uses copper particles and polymer to create a 21-grain hollow-point bullet while the Mini-Mag also adopts a copper design with copper-plated hollow points. Both are offered in .22 LR with velocities pushing $1,850 feet-per-second for Copper-22 and 1,260 feet-per-second for Mini-Mag. CCI's Maxi-Mag, opts for a .22 WMR cartridge with a jacketed hollow point construction and velocity at 1,875 feet-per-second.

Rinella worked with CCI to develop the MeatEater rounds. 

CCI worked with Rinella -- a hunter, conservationist, and author -- to bring a line of products that was true to his field-to-table lifestyle. 

“These three loads are what fills Steven Rinella's freezer with small game,” CCI Rimfire Product Director, Rick Stoeckel, said in a news release. “His field-to-table lifestyle has made him a household name among hunters from all walks of life. We are very proud and excited to release this new line of special-edition rimfire ammunition to our customers and his fans.”

A 50 count box of Copper-22 MeatEater retails for $10 while Mini-Mag MeatEater comes in at $28 for a box of 300. Maxi-Mag MeatEater is priced at $59 for a box of 200. Shipments are expected to arrive soon at dealers.