Marshall Varner spent much of his life traversing the world in search of exotic game. From the lands of Africa to Australia, Varner bagged big trophies. His love of hunting even resulted in the purchase of a 2,500 acre farm in New Zealand where he bred Red Stag and Elk.

"We hunted hundreds of hours over there, using a Hughes 500 Chopper to get us and our clients up to the Southern Alps," Varner told 

After five years, Varner headed back to the States, eventually landing within the freedom-loving borders of Texas. In Buda, Texas, Varner opened Austin Trophy Whitetails -- a ranch suited for hunting huge whitetail deer and exotics. Alongside Ranch Manager Leo Bowers and hunter Todd Schaefer, got exclusive access to partake in the joys and thrills of hunting the elusive Black Buck. 

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The rifles included a Kimber chambered in .300 Win Mag (top), a Remington 700 chambered chambered in .243 Rem (Middle), and a Weatherby Vanguard chambered in .300 Win mag. (Photo: Don Summers/
Weatherby Vanguard chambered in .300 Win mag. (Photo: Don Summers/
Varner looks for game on the plains of his ranch. (Photo: Don Summers/
That seems like the right blind. (Photo: Don Summers/
Chambering the formidable .243 Rem. (Photo: Don Summers/
Schaefer finds the Black Buck he's been looking for. (Don Summers/
Todd Schaefer finally gets to eye up the prize Black Buck with the Weatherby Vanguard. (Photo: Don Summers/
Leo Bowers, the Ranch Manager, poses with hunter Todd Schaefer and their beauty Black Buck. (Photo: Don Summers/
Austin Trophy Whitetails provides good times and celebration to go with trophy exotic animals. (Photo: Don Summers/
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