Pistol Caliber Carbine fans in need of a quiet option on the range have another option when it comes to suppressors, with Bowers Group offering a can designed for PCC. 

The Wardog K9 -- full-auto rated for both 9mm and .300 Blk -- performs exceptionally well on 16-inch barreled PCC style firearms, according to the company. Measuring 4.3-inches long, with a diameter of 1.7-inches, the Wardog K9 tips scales at 7.8-ounces. Boasting the title of "shortest hearing safe 9mm silencer," the Wardog K9 features a wipeless, dry design which means little maintenance on the user end. 

The Wardog K9 works well on both PCC and subguns. (Photo: Bowers Group)

The Wardog K9 features an MSRP of $635 with the standard insert; however, users can pick-up other specialty inserts from Bowers at an additional price. 

If PCC isn't your thing, or you like to dive into larger calibers on the weekend, Bowers also recently introduced the VERS 375. Rated to pass .375 through the bore, the VERS 375 a range of calibers to include safari favorites .375 Holland, .375 Ruger, and .375 Weatherby, as well as medium-bore AR platforms like the .375 SOCOM, .338 Win Mag, and .350 Rem Mag. Bowers also says the can takes on .30 caliber centerfires like the .300 RUM, .300 Win Mag, and .30-06, down to 5.56 NATO. 

The VERS 375 is designed for larger calibers. (Photo: Bowers Group)

Utilizing a titanium stack, the VERS 375 reduces blowback and handles gasses in a more gentle fashion, according to Bowers' owner, Tom Bowers. "It's spectacular at recoil reduction and sound reduction," he explained. "It's hearing safe on multiple platforms."

In addition to offering a quiet design, the VERS 375 is compatible with the company's Versadapt 3-Lug Insert, allowing it to pair with HK MP5 submachine guns for those lucky enough to have an MP5 in their arsenal. Price on the VERS 375 sits around $950 with one standard Versadapt insert included. 

Before you grab a can, you need a gun. Check out Guns.com's swath of PCC options ready for the range.


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