Nosler increases its support of conservation efforts in the U.S., partnering with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation to bring specially licensed loads benefiting RMEF's efforts. 

Nosler said the partnership will see a portion of proceeds from five Partition bullets as well as 11 Trophy Grade and Expansion loads donated to the conservation group. Founded in 1984, RMEF works to open and improve public access to wildlife areas as well as advocate and fund "science-based resource management." To date, the group has conserved more than 7.9 million acres for elk and other wildlife. 

(Photo: Nosler)

“Elk hunting has been in Nosler’s DNA for three generations. Since my grandfather founded our company in 1948, he taught my family that conservation is an integral part of our business,” Nosler's President John R. Nosler said in a press release. “Supporting the work RMEF has done and continues to do will ensure that our children and grandchildren can also experience the thrill of hearing a bugle on a crisp fall morning. Nosler, Inc. is proud to partner with RMEF and continue our shared heritage of elk hunting and conservation.”

The full list of Nosler/RMEF loads and bullets include:

  • 270 Cal 150-grain Partition
  • 7mm 160-grain Partition
  • 30 Cal 180-grain Partition
  • 8mm 200-grain Partition
  • 338 Cal 210-grain Partition
  • Trophy Grade 6.5 Creedmoor 140-grain Partition
  • Trophy Grade 270 Winchester 150-grain Partition
  • Expansion Tip 7mm-08 Rem 140-grain E-Tip
  • Trophy Grade 7mm Rem Mag 160-grain Partition
  • Trophy Grade 28 Nosler 160-grain Partition
  • Trophy Grade 308 Winchester 165-grain Partition
  • Trophy Grade 30-06 Springfield 180-grain Partition
  • Expansion Tip 300 Win Mag 180-grain E-Tip
  • Trophy Grade 300 Win Mag 180-grain Partition
  • Expansion Tip 300 Wby Mag 180-grain E-Tip
  • Trophy Grade 338 Win Mag 210-grain Partition