Pulsar adds new models to its Thermion Thermal Riflescope lineup, introducing the XG50, XQ38, and XQ50. 

The XG50 packs in 640x480 microbolometer strength paired with 12-micron pixel detail. Together, this allows the thermal scope to detect heat up to 2,4000-yards away. The XG50 boasts a BAE sensor, onboard recording, and multiple color palettes with a 1024x768 AMOLED display and Wi-Fi connectivity. 

The XG50 offers a bevy of features for hunters in need of a thermal scope. (Photo: Pulsar)

"Its 1024x768 AMOLED display gives users stunningly clear images, and its continuous, digital zoom ensures varmint, hogs, and big-game are easily located," Pulsar said in a news release. "With a stadiametric rangefinder and rock, forest, and identification viewing modes, the XG50 misses nothing."

In addition to the XG50, Pulsar also serves up two XQ model scopes. The XQ38 and XQ50 scopes feature 384x288 thermal sensors dedicated to detecting heat signatures up to 1,500-yards away for the XQ38 and 2,000-yards away for the XQ50 in total darkness. The images are then converted and appear on a 1024x768 AMOLED display. The scope comes equipped with a 2x to 4x digital zoom, depending on model, and eight color viewing models. The XQ also serves up 10 variable electronic reticles. Boasting one-shot zeroing with freeze function, like the XG50, Pulsar says the scopes deliver a "premium shooting experience."

"These riflescopes represent the pinnacle of the hunting and shooting industry, combining technology and convenience to deliver a premium shooting experience for users," the company said in a press release. 

The XQ38, left, and XQ50, right, also join the Thermion lineup. (Product Photos: Pulsar, Graphic: Guns.com)

Offering over five hours of battery life as well as an external power supply, the Thermion XQ also comes with Wi-Fi capabilities for techy hunters. Rounding out the attributes is integrated recording, Picture-in-Picture digital zoom, and compatibility with Pulsar's Stream Vision app. 

The XG50 features an MSRP of $7,199. The XQ38 retails for $3,929 while the XQ50 is priced at $4,179.


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