Glenn Fleming has been involved in the firearms community for the last two decades. Prior to his current job as the head gunsmith at, he was the former owner at Acadiana Gunworks, a gunner in the Air Force, and a personality on tv

He's penned two books already about select-fire weapons, something he's working on constantly at his job. But his latest book goes in a new direction. The Complete Beginner's Guide to Firearms Ownership is aimed at new gun owners buying their first guns.

“It’s kind of a newbies guide to guns,” said Fleming to “Primarily, it’s for people looking to get a pistol for home defense, or for whatever reason. It kind of goes through what they should be thinking and how they should go about buying one.”

The book comes as the U.S. sees gun sales skyrocket, including many first time buyers. Fleming's thrilled to see so many new firearm owners joining the flock. But he's also aware of how daunting buying a first gun can be. He hopes his book makes the process a lot easier.

All about safety

He also wants to stress safety. The entire first chapter is dedicated to safety rules. “A lot of people just have no idea what they’re getting into,” said Fleming. “They don’t have any training. They don’t take any effort beyond buying a gun and buying some ammo.”

Fleming says he wants to let people know that simply buying a gun and ammo does not make you safer. There's much more to it than that. In all, the 10 chapter book covers what to consider when buying your first gun, gun range rules, proper grip, and stance, aiming and trigger discipline, ammo, and accessories such as holsters.

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Firearms Ownership makes an excellent gift for someone looking to buy their first gun, or who has just bought one for the first time.  Released in August 2020, the book is available on Amazon in either a digital or paper format.

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Glenn Fleming photographed in 2014 with his FNH SCAR-16S duracoated in green camo, barrel chopped to 10.5-inches, and topped with an Aimpoint T1. (Photo: Ben Philippi /
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