Federal Ammunition expands its Fusion series, adding a 10mm Auto load to the hunting ammunition line. 

Using a 200-grain bullet, the 10mm cartridge opts for a copper jacket and a skived nose. All of this comes together to provide deep penetration and consistent expansion, according to Federal. Additionally, the Fusion load features a muzzle velocity of 1,200 feet-per-second. 

Released over a decade ago, the Fusion offers deer hunters a solid hunting round for trips into the woods. Federal says the 10mm addition is built using the same platform but delivers it to those that prefer handgun hunting. 

“Our Fusion 10mm Auto load delivers the toughness, accuracy, reliability and terminal performance that handgun hunters are looking for,” Federal Centerfire Handgun Product Manager Chris Laack said in a press release. “Built with the same molecularly-bonded hunting bullet used in Fusion rifle ammo, it produces ideal upsets and deep penetration when striking game. We know this new load is everything any hunter could hope for in a 10mm Auto hunting cartridge.”

The 10mm Auto Fusion ships 20 to a box and retails for around $32. 

revolver barrel loading graphic