In our continuing effort to bring you the best in October pumpkin carving by all means ballistic, we have another installment for your review. 

Hickok45 has clocked in with his yearly offering to the Great Pumpkin, choosing the P320 as his Jack-o-Lantern tool. 


Next up is Scott with Kentucky Ballistics, who gets downright cyclic on a patch of 13 unlucky Fall-time squash. 


Gun Sam runs some testing between .357 Mag and 10mm Auto, because, why not? 



In another ammo test, Widener's pits the .45-70 Government vs the more modern .350 Legend on the pumpkin medium. 



For lever gun fans, Big Horn Armory taps a Model 89 filled with .500 S&W 450-grain hard cast to make pumpkin sprinkles. 


And rounding this edition out is 7-year-old shooting sensation, Autumn from Autumn's Armory. She keeps it Halloween-themed by using the "ghost gun" she built. #7YrOldGoals



revolver barrel loading graphic