If you’re shopping for that special someone who wants to be extra “tacti-cool” this holiday season, then look no further. We’ve assembled seven great ideas for gifts that anyone looking to get extra tactical this holiday season will love. Check out how to make the tactical fan in your life happy this holiday season.

America’s Rifle: The AR-15

Just look at all those beautiful Daniel Defense rifles waiting for a new home. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

Chances are that if your tactical loved one has been in the circle for a while, they already have an AR-15. What’s better than one AR? Two, of course! If you’re in a state where you can legally gift a gun, then there may be no better present under the tree than an AR-15. Perhaps, they have an AR-15 already but have been eyeing up an AR pistol, another great option for home defense. 

Check out our wide selection of AR-15’s below, just be sure to move on the one you like. While it may be here today, there's no guarantee it will be there tomorrow.


Drum Mags

A drum mag is a welcome addition for any range addict. (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

While 10, 15, and 30 round mags are great, what really turns heads at the range is a drum mag. Why hold 30 rounds when you can hold 50 or 75 instead?  Think of all the time that could be saved on reloading by owning a drum mag! Think of all the extra ammo you’ll have to buy to fill it, what a deal! 

Whether you’re looking for the always tactical 5.56, or the less tactical .22 LR, we've got you covered with a large selection of drum mags below.


Red Dot or LVPO

Red dots have become increasingly popular over the years for home defense and concealed carry. (Photo: Jacki Billings/Guns.com)

All those who are tacti-cool must mount an optic up top, irons just won’t cut it. Some prefer red-dots, while others choose low powered variable optics for their ARs. If you can’t decide between a red dot or an LVPO, then why not choose both? Some, especially in the competitive shooting circuit, will mount an optic up top with a red dot mounted canted off to their right side. This allows the shooter to hit closer shots that might be too close for the optic. You can imagine how this might be really helpful in a home defense scenario as well.

Whether your tactical loved one wants a new optic or is looking to add a red dot to the equation we got you covered with a variety of optics at great prices.



Night Vision or Thermal

Night vision has become more affordable in recent years. Imagine their face when you give the gift of night vision! (Photo: Eric Jezierski/Guns.com)

Are you even tactical if you can’t shoot accurately at night? Whether your tactical sweetheart wants to defend the castle at night or pick off hogs from a distance, night vision or thermals will suit them well. In the past, these types of optics would require a small fortune or military clearance. These days though, you can find options for night vision optics for under $1,000. Be the star of the holidays this year by giving the gift of night vision for a holiday they’ll never forget.



Tactical Pistol

The HK45 CT is an always popular choice among the tactical crowd. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)

Looking to pair that new AR with a tactical sidearm? Many manufacturers make tactical handguns for those looking to add suppressors, lights, or lasers to their handgun setup. Again, if you live in a state where you can legally gift a gun then there may not be a better gift to wake up to. Typically, these pistols will have larger capacities and lots will have threaded barrels, begging to be suppressed. 



Strikeman Laser Firearm Training System

Strikeman Laser Training System can help save money and while still getting training reps in. (Photo: Seth Rodgers/Guns.com)

Dry fire practice is part of every good shooter’s routine. Tactical types often like to take things to the next level and Strikeman offers a product to help with that. The package comes with a laser cartridge, the Strikeman target, and a smartphone app. It’s currently offered in seven different calibers; 9mm, .380 ACP, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Sig, and .223/5.56. The app tracks your shots at specific distances and gives you instant feedback about how you’re getting on target.

Strikeman can help you save on money while also increasing accuracy at the range. Not a bad deal at a time when traditional ammo can be hard to find. 

TacTec Plate Carrier from 5.11

The plate carrier is an essential part of any tactical type's wardrobe. (Photo: 5.11)

Can you even tactical without a plate carrier? The answer is of course, no. 5.11 has built a reputation for making tactical gear that can hold up the harshest conditions and their plate carrier is no exception. 5.11 customers like that it’s easily adjustable and can fit any body type or size. The TacTec plate carrier can accommodate small or large ballistic plates and holds a plate on the front and the back. The heavy-duty construction and Duraflex hardware ensure that this plate carrier will stand up to years of use without failure. Offered in 5 colors, buy a plate carrier for your tactical loved one today for years of personal protection.

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