A new Mel Gibson action/fantasy film could very well give Die Hard some competition in the modern Christmas classics category moving forward. 

Saban Films' Fatman, which recently debuted, may not be the Holiday movie that 2020 needed but it is definitely the one it deserves, and it has a smattering of good guns showcased. 

The plot is wafer-thin and a little dark, with a grizzled Chris Cringle (aka, The Fatman) growing increasingly disillusioned with his government-subsidized and commercialized role in the Christmas season. However, he's got bigger problems brewing. 

As a result of having to coal lump growing numbers of terrible brats rather than delivering career-inspiring toys to the dwindling legion of good boys and girls, Chris picks up a price on his head to be collected by The Skinny Man (Walton Goggins), an assassin with a personal beef with Cringle. Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life, right?

Goggins keeps a decent supply of tropey firearms on hand but does much of his heavy lifting with a suppressed Beretta 92, his EDC, before switching to an ACOG-equipped and be-quieted M4 with a giggle switch for the third act. 

The Skinny Man's goodie box. We'll take two, please. (Photo: YouTube screencap)

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As for Chris, he is something of a traditionalist and is usually shown in Carhartt’s and watch caps around the shop and a well-used trapper's jacket and flapped cap for his big night on Christmas Eve, after all, he is a working man. Befitting this, the scarred elf likes to unwind when not driving his beat-up old Ford pickup and munching complex carbohydrates by plinking in the yard with a deep-blued M1911. In fact, that's how the film opens. 

Any Christmas movie that starts with a little gunplay can't be all that bad. (Photo: YouTube screencap)

When hell comes to Elf Town, so to speak, he reaches for said GI .45-- boxes of WWII-era milsurp FMJs rattle around in the box under his bed-- and augments it with a massive Colt Walker. Mrs. Claus, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, packs a rabbit-eared Howdah pistol for home defense, because Alaska, and knows how to take advantage of corners when holding a room.

Getting ready to spread some holiday cheer, 230-grains at a time. (Photo: YouTube screencap)
Chris is not above dual-wielding in the final showdown at the workshop, True Grit-style, sans horse. (Photo: YouTube screencap)

In the end, Fatman isn't going to win an Oscar, but then again, it probably was not a film made for an Academy Award. It has some cringe elements to it for sure, but this R-rated unorthodox Santa movie is entertaining and is a switch up from Nakatomi Plaza. 

Fatman currently carries an 81 percent fresh audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is available on Amazon Prime.

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