Drawn from among the thousands of high-quality firearms that pass through our Vault, we careful select the interesting, unusual, rare, and curious to highlight in the Guns.com Collectors' Corner. Best yet, they are on sale. 

Although the curations shift with inventory, here is a sampling of the guns that hang out in the "CC," which are all cooler than an ugly Christmas sweater.

American Eagle Luger

america eagle luger


You truly do not come across these every day. This DWM-made M1900 Luger is chambered in .30-caliber Luger with a skinny barrel, dished toggle knob, and push-grip safety, among other features. Best yet, it carries a large volant American eagle crest for import to the U.S. prior to the Great War, earning these Imperial Germany-produced handguns the easy moniker of being an "American Eagle Lugers.

Astra 400


astra 400 gun
Ah, the old "Spanish Pipe wrench," here we have an Astra Model 1921 (400), a classic among European semi-automatics. Still in particularly good condition, this handgun would make an excellent addition to any pistol collection. 



broomhandle gun
Too good for a scruffy-looking nerf herder, this pre-war commercial C96 Mauser dates to early 1914 and would be a great addition to any collection.

Civilize 'em!


springfield armory 1898
Increasingly hard to find in unaltered condition, Springfield-made U.S. martial Krags are often sporterized or cannibalized. This example in our vault, while not pretty, is an old warhorse and has an extensive patina, but is complete and still has strong rifling. You can preserve history with this one.

Colt Hammerless


colt hammerless
It doesn't get much prettier than this 1930s-era Colt M1908 Pocket Hammerless in .380 ACP, one of the iconic carry guns of its era. These were so often seen in film noir movies that you practically have to do a Humphrey Bogart impression every time you see this guy.

Colt Vest 


colt vest pocket
For those who find the Colt Hammerless above still too big, how about this cute but aristocratic Colt 1908 Vest Pocket? This little .25 ACP came off the line in 1926, making it almost a century old.

Colt Python


colt python vintage
When it comes to a more modern classic, check out this circa-1983 Colt Python with a 4-inch vent ribbed barrel. This snake gun was the company's staple .357 Magnum revolver for decades and has only recently been reintroduced to the market.

FN BHP, via Austria


browning hi power
This rare late 1940s-produced FN Hi-Power is an early model featuring the “dimple” on the right side of the slide to help with takedown for maintenance and the “thumbprint” style internal extractor. Marked “LGK OO”: Landes Gendarmerie Kommando für Oberösterreich (Provincial Gendarmerie Command for Upper Austria), it is a former Austrian police-issue pistol. 



semmerling gun
Originally billed as a “vest pocket .45” built for maximum concealment in mind, the 4+1 Semmerling LM-4 pistol was only 5.2-inches long, 3.7-inches high, and a svelte 1-inch wide. For reference, this puts it in the same neighborhood as common .32ACP and .25ACP pocket pistols, but in a much larger caliber. Today it still holds the title as perhaps the smallest .45ACP that isn’t a derringer and, for comparison, it is about the same size as a Ruger LCP. It is also the only manually-worked slide action .45ACP carry gun I can think of. Did we mention this baby is an early model-- SN# 031?

Whistle up a Wingo


winchester wingo
Another installment of "you don't see that every day" is this amazing Winchester Wingo lever gun in 5mm, built on spec for indoor wing shooting in 1971. The data cable is still in this rifle.

If guns like these catch your attention, head on over to Collectors Cornerand browse the whole lot. Odds are you may find something to pull the trigger on.

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